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  1. i have not got mce i got my computer from pc world so only got the back up cd but if i not bad at windows so if there was a guide i think i would be able to do it tia plus i have noticed that firewalls do not start with mce when boot up you have got to run them when computer starts your self have tried all diff firewalls from za out post sysgate nortons tiny loads and all are the same
  2. is there a way to down grade windows media centre to win xp the reason i want to do this is my new usb tv tuner win not work with mce it istall ok but when i try to do tune the channels in i get this error mes (cannot remove system shell notification icon) tried tuner on other pc with xp and works ok. i can not put xp on my computer as its from pc world and i have only a back up disk and got no drivers disk for my hardware . tia for any help

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