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  1. Hello, I tried out Winxp64 a year ago which was no plesant expirence. A year has passed and i was so confident that all those initial blunders where corrected, so i went out and purchased the darn thing. After all there's no point in having a 64-bit computer if you only run it on half the cylinders. After failing to install it "out of the box" i tripped over Fernandos excellent guide regarding nvraid drivers. This worked very well for me and i was up and running in no time. I only have one thing to complain about. It takes forever to get past the splash screen when booting. I know this is a common problem with several solutions all of which hasn't worked for me. I have tried all availble version of the nvraid drivers. Did a totally striped down installation with PS/2 mouse, keyboard and all unneccessary mainboard features disabled. As before, it seem to hang while loading acpitabl.dat. Funny thing is that this file does not exist on my system. I have search 2 other 2003 servers and three XP64 machine for the same file. It isn't there. So im guessing it a temporary file which is created and destroyed during the boot sequence. Im not sure it has anything to do with the problem at all. Bottom line is; im stuck. Right now im most likely to let it go until servicepack 2 arrives (or a new set of nv-drivers). Any ideas for me to try out before i call it quits ? Feels like a complete waste of hardearned money. HW ====== DFI NF4 SLI-Expert mobo 2*1024GB Corsair XMS4000 4*WD Raptor raid-0 on NV-controller 2*GF 7900GT SLI Raidmax 650W PSU Asetek water cooling
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