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  1. Msn Messenger 7

    I tried it the same way as I installed version 6.2 and it works, no toolbar or search assistant are being installed.
  2. Msn Messenger 7

  3. Unattended Vbs-script

    Ok thanks, I'll try. But where can I download wscript.exe?
  4. With the default Windows-installation my Windows hangs when I open a folder with avi-files. To prevent this I use 'avipurge.vbs' from Kelly's Corner, but I want to install that silently. Will it work this way?
  5. Winrar 3.42 Unattended Install

    So is the following code correct? With '/silent' I had the same problem as the topicstarter describes.
  6. Msn Messenger 7

    How can I silently install MSN Messenger 7? This is what I had with 6.2: That worked, but I want it without MSN as homepage, without MSN toolbar, without MSN Search Assistant,... Any ideas?
  7. Promise 378 SATA RAID integration

    Why 4 instead of 3? And do I need the Textmode-folder?
  8. Promise 378 SATA RAID integration

    I have a P4C800 Deluxe with onboard Promise PDC20378 controller and I would like to integrate the SATA RAID drivers in my installation. My previous motherboard was a P4P800 Deluxe and it was no problem to integrate the 'iastor'-drivers for the ICH5R southbridge but with this motherboard it won't work. Is this enough for the file 'txtsetup.sif'?? [SourceDisksFiles] fasttx2k.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1 ulSata.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376 = "fasttx2k" PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373 = "fasttx2k" PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373&SUBSYS_702E1462&REV_02 = "UlSata" PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373&SUBSYS_702E1462 = "UlSata" [SCSI.load] fasttx2k = fasttx2k.sys,4 ulSata = ulSata.sys,4 [SCSI] fasttx2k = "WinXP Promise FastTrak 376/378 (tm) Controller" UlSata = "WinXP Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller" Do I need the 'ulsata'-driver? And which files do I need in the folders 'Drivers', 'Textmode' and 'I386'?