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  1. I have the consumer release of Vista Home Premium, (upgrade) but I cannot use 0.9 without having errors on the installation. Can I still get 0.8? Is it compatible with the public relase of Vista? The errors happen trying to access mmc for example. I can post them if you like. I just had good luck with 0.8 I dont understand the three programs it asks about (if it should load for support) but I tried with and without and still had problems. Thanks, Otter
  2. I have the EXACT same problem... oh please lend a hand, I can't go on with the full version of Vista much longer
  3. Hello, I have a new Compaq desktop and the OEM XP is full of junk. Norton Internet Security, games with internet connections like it or not, on and on. Can I make a DVD of the OS, without all the prepackaged software? I have two DVD's for the installation, which all total, takes 4-5 hours. (makes recovery image) It is a legal copy, the sticker with the key is right on the PC. Even uninstalling what I don't want won't help, some part of XP ends up not working right even after uninstalling it following the programs instructions. I looked at BartPE, but I don't want a recovery CD, I would like to have the whole XP, plain and simple. I own XP lite, (CD ordered and received is about 3 months old) but that doesn't help with the preinstalled software. Windows is ~XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2~ on two DVD's plus there is another DVD with 64NAemREA32 on it, which a new installation has never requested for when I reinstalled with the two DVD's. Thank you for your time, Otter

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