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  1. Out of curiousity, how is it a poor method? Is it just too time consuming or is there something else?
  2. Slipstreaming Promise RAID Drivers into XP CD

    I will do that. I'm getting ready for Christmas weekend. I will have to continue slipstreaming after that.
  3. I have the exact same problem. I tried the backup method two different ways. I first tried using the WPA.DBL file from my activated setup before I even made the CD. That didn't work. I got the same exact problem as the OP. I then went ahead and activated manually, over the phone since the net way doesn't work for me anymore. After it was activated, I went ahead and took a copy of that particular setup's WPA.DBL file and used it on the next CD I made. This time, the computer allowed me to logon after install but, a few minutes later the 30 days/activation showed up. I saw that AutoActivation bit, although it was my understanding from the guide that it is a seperate method from the one I tried. Are they supposed to work in sync with each other or am I missing something completely? I would appreciate any input. I use XP Pro by the way.
  4. Slipstreaming Promise RAID Drivers into XP CD

    Well, I think I got it for the most part. However, setup says the line following line is invalid. fasttx2k = “Promise Technology Inc. 376/378 RAID Controller” I can't seem to figure out what exactly is wrong. I would attach the file to this post but, the board isn't letting me for some reason. It says the attachment is bigger than my limit. It says my global space left is 4.88mb when the txtsetup file is definitely smaller. So if anyone is willing to help me, message me or post back and leave an email addy where I can send the textsetup file for review. I would greatly appreciate it. The driver in question is fasttx2k.sys for my Promise RAID Controller Thanks for any help/input.
  5. I am making a customized install CD. I am currently using the Promise RAID controller on my motherboard. I am using nLite to integrate SP2 and subsequent hotfixes and other customizations to the install. I could be wrong but, it was my understanding that the slipstreaming of RAID drivers into the install so that no floppy or pressing of F6 is needed in the beginning requires additional/different steps. Can someone type out what needs to be put in the txt files, etc and other step by step instructions for this? I don't want to mess this up. All my other drivers are stored in their own folders (install from CD method). Steps that I followed are located in the following thread. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12566 Here are the Promise Files: There are folders for different operating systems and so below are the ones from the XP folder except for txtsetup.oem which was outside all of the different OS folders. txtsetup.oem fasttx2k.cat fasttx2k.inf fasttx2k.sys ptipbmf.dll My driver path is as follows: C:\WXPOEM_EN\OEM\DRIVERS I hope that is all the info someone needs to help me out. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks! =)