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  1. nLite 1.3 Final - Gas Powered Commander

    Hi! Nice tool. I used nLite long time ago by making My WinXP SP2 CD, and it works perfect. My "Regional and Language" settings was: Windows XP + SP1: English, All language settings & default keyboard layout: Croatian, Location: Bosnia & Herzegovina. Well, after I saw nLite 1.3 Final, and there is a while I wanna do some changes to my installation source, I downloaded it. At this Moment I used Windows XP + SP2 with language settings & keyboard layout set to Bosnian (first time included on SP2). After installation I tested nLite and at the beginning become a problem. At the stage: "Locating the Windows installation", after identifying version and rest of stuff nLite hangs by CPU usage on 100%. Tried to change all language settings to Croatian (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and became same result. Probably same happens with Serbian (Bosnia & Herzegovina), and some other new added languages on SP2. Before trying to change languages reinstalled all .net components, and tried with nLite runtime, reinstalled nLite (fresh copy) with same result. After switching everything to Croatian (just Croatian) / like I had on Win XP + SP1 / everything works. Idea to change language came from it that I had same problems by installing some hardware (mostly optical drives) on PC with Windows XP + SP2, but after Windows recognize it I switch back everything to Bosnian, and there are no more problems. Well it must be on Microsoft, but maybe programing nLite with .net Framework 3 will solve the problem. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors. I like to use BS .