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  1. Thinking about the WiFi:

    Check that the drivers are XPSP2 compatible. I know my 2 yr old laptop came with XPSP1a and appropriate drivers which didnt work properly when it came to installing XPSP2. Also the included management software seemed to dislike the Wireless Zero Configuration service. New drivers and management sw have pretty well solved this and now wireless runs happy managed with WZC service.

    Also the drivers installed a range of protocols on my wireless connection which were unecesssary. I uninstalled all those which i didnt need which has also improved reliability. All you need is the same protocols as you use on wired - only TCP/IP in my case.

    If its being difficult try inputting the settings manually into WZC and see if it can connect that way (you will need to disable/enable wireless after setting options). I did this in "view wireless networks">"change order of prefered networks" (you can add, modify and remove pre-set or saved settings).

  2. I recall when i was using nForce2 based motherboard if I logged on immeadiately after logon window appeared (using XP this is) I would get a long delay before startmenu was accessible, taskbar icons appeared, programs could be opened.

    When I went into task manager it just had a system idle process going using 99% CPU. I recon it might have been to do with the integrated LAN controller? What exactly I havent a clue, whether is was drivers loading or something else i dont know.

    With this problem, leaving the system idle perhaps 30 seconds after the logon screen appeared and then logging on resulted in an immediate load up.

    Perhaps you are also having a raft of startup tasks causing problems? Best to check out what you have installed that pops up in the start menu>all progs>start up folder or on the taskbar. System utilities are common cultprits for slow loadups and reliability problems (e.g. if i use speedstep on my pentium m based pc it can crash it)

  3. Yes i did check e-mail. I was e-mailed when I signed up for Server 2003 RC2 with a key but for Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 they just display the key onscreen and rely on you printing it or otherwise copying it down.

    I did print it but had some problems at the time. Now I'm having another go I can't find the key. I expect I recycled the paper away not expecting to try it. Since then MS have closed their evaluation programme.

  4. I don't think this is a serious crime but I downloaded Vista beta2 and have since lost the "product key".

    It only lets you use it until feb 07 and I just wanted to see what it looks like so does anyone have a beta key they could share by PM? theres no reason to feel guilty or anything since it isn't loosing MS money and damaging the industry etc etc pushing up licensing prices etc etc


    Just reading the Vista board rules:

    This is not a warez site! Links/Requests to warez and/or illegal material (porn, cracks, serials, etc..) will not be tolerated. Discussion of circumventing activation/timebombs will also not be tolerated. If you ignore any of the aforementioned you will receive a final warning. If you choose to continue, you will be banned without notice.

    Is my post going against these rules? My bad?

  5. Its nice someone has produced an update pack.

    If Sp2 is just round the corner, its about time. Waiting for Windows2k3 SP2 has been like waiting for XP SP2 or 2k3 SP1 - with no proper release schedule, delays and no beta easily available to the general public. Nor has there been an official update pack since Win2000sp4rp1.

    If there was some sort of consistency on MS's part then user communities wouldn't need to produce these things in the first place.

    All the same nice one codejunkie :D

  6. To clarify - your right, tables aren't illegal, i didn't say they were :)

    But the use of height="100%" in the table tag is illegal as it only works when a browser renders a page in quirks mode and not in "standard" mode (where a full doctype is used and applied by the browser).

    Also I get validation errors for width="100%" which is irritating as it is again a key part of my table structure.

    I do still have Dreamweaver but I am such a novice at using it and am not a fan of using it given how it structures the code. I guess I could try it out to see what code it creates if I try and mimic my hand written design.

    I am sure CSS is easy. I have used it before for basic text formatting and the likes but not for creating a layout. As can be seen, I had real problems getting the look I wanted.

    I would happily learn CSS if anyone can recommend an easy to follow yet informative guide to it. I looked around on W3C and its all to technical for me, it explains how it works rather than how to write it.

    I am willing to learn some CSS if it will help me get what I want to achieve, but can anyone be sure I will get my desired result? :huh:


  7. I know this topic is a few days old now but just to say the site looks really nice ;)

    I can only imagine it costs a fair bit to run with the Virtual News licence fee and hosting costs :wacko:

    All the same good site :) Now someone needs to create an equivilant for open source software lol.

    I also notice the use of US English(s or z?) :P

  8. Hi there, I have been webmaster for a non-profit organisation now for almost two years. I developed the original site with Dreamweaver in the days when I had no practical HTML knowledge, appreciation for compatibility/accessibility etc.

    I want to replace the present site because it is frames based so can be a problem with browsers and search engines. I have basic HTML knowledge and have worked previously on a tables based design.

    The tables based design addresses all my problems accept one - it is illegal to the W3C HTML spec.

    This is because to get the appearance I want, I have used height="100%" or "width="100%" in some of my table tags. This does not conform to the HTML spec I am trying to work to, HTML 4.0 Transitional.

    The tags work great to get the appearance when a browser is working in "quirks" rendering mode but using the standard it will not.

    It seems the solution should be CSS style sheets. I have very very limited experience with these, and have tried (poorly) to recreate my tables appearance using CSS but just can't do it. The CSS I have used is an adaption of a friends CSS code with some of my own preferences.

    As I say, when rendered in quirks mode, the tables layout works, but I want my code to be proper. See my Tables based design (link removed).

    The problem with the CSS is that I want the header and side bar to be continuous in appearance, just like on the tables page and I do not want the main background to have that border effect. I want the green bars to form "solid sides" if that makes sense. CSS test page (link removed)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is not an urgent matter, but Its something I want to see right!

  9. Not only is it Windows Mail, but the e-mail address for the "Windows Mail Team" on the welcome message is "msoe@microsoft.com", nice to see change kept consistant.

    I am thinking some changes are just trivial, such as Windows Mail, Windows Internet Explorer. However, those changes are not pointless, they are to differentiate "Vista" (fab name) from previous versions of Windows and make us feel left behind.

    The aesthetic changes, like the round start button seem to add little more than novelty value, and the updated programs are interesting to, such as the total overhaul which WMP10 has obviously undergone to become WMP11.

    Overall it looks a very nice OS, but I struggle to keep myself from crying when I think what sort of monry I will end up spending on upgrading my hardware to support Vista and its renamed applications.

  10. hello all,

    I am looking to transfer a MySQL db used for a forum. I can download a backup copy of the database as a .sql fine.

    My trouble is, how can I create my new forum, and import the database? CCan it be done?

    My forum is Invision Powerboard 1.2. I onyl have access to a MySQL web control panel whihc doesnt have any import features.

    Any ideas would be appriciated. Otherwise I will just have to start afresh. The presnet forum has had adverts added to it and is generally a p*** about as the log-in keeps throwing users out and wont remember their details.

  11. have full graphics acceleration enabled? Direct3D etc? if all that is operating, is there another graphics card you can use to verify if it is a system issue or just an issue with that specific card? I guess you were using an older card previously that worked ok, what was it?

  12. This is a WHQL driver available in US English or International language flavours:


    Can you be sure its the graphics card driver? I recommend that in addition to installing this driver (which is WHQL'ed for 2000/XP) you may want to locate an up to date AGP (or PCI-E?) interface driver for your system. All depends on your mobo, if not that old, you want some proper chipset drivers installed to optimise reliability and compatibility.

  13. See if this VIA Driver pack contains a driver for the firewire :)


    You might as well run the installer and update all your chipset and other drivers in one go. You say the latest pack didnt work, if possible, I would get rid of all the drivers you already have installed via Add/Remove Programs and throw this at it.

    If it doesnt work, try and determine the manufacturer of the firewire control chip from the motherboard if anything is visible, and search for drivers using the name from that.

  14. Install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 if you havent already got it.

    Check you have the latest version of DirectX installed. Run dxdiag.exe and see if you have DirectX9.0c. If you dont, download it from Microsoft Download Center.

    Also download and install the latest version of the WHQL Windows 2000/XP Nvidia GeForce graphics driver from www.nvidia.com/drivers. These drivers normally work fine with WS2003, since it is so very similar.

    Those are the obvious points for gaming, but Windows Server 2003 is hardly the industry preference for gaming.

  15. I believe you nanaki :) Just as well they never integrate it either :D

    I think Firefox is super, but to see it contaminated with useless clutter for no reason would be pointless. The extensions idea is great if you need any of that stuff.

    Ihate file sharing and P2P software, and I had it in my mind this is what BitTorrent was designed for? I am working on blocking all the P2P program ports on my router, and it appeared BitTorrent was one of those such protocols used.

    I hope Firefox doesnt slip into the "me too" mentality, which I didnt think it had yet, if anything, I thought it was IE7 trying to live upto Mozilla products! :P

    Maybe I havent read enough into this thread but what is BitTorrent and why would Firefox want it? :huh:

  16. Hi guys,

    Looking at June screenshots, I saw a Firefox icon in the form of one of the "non-shortcut" style desktop icons on 2forza's screenshots.

    I could PM him, but I thought more people might like to know how it was achieved :P So, is getting the Firefox icon on the desktop like that easily done and if so how :whistle:

  17. If you read the release notes PDF accessible from that page, you'll see that the TNT2 model doesnt seem to be in the support Nvidia products list of that driver release. Indeed you'll notice the earlier Nvidia cards are no longer supported in the latest driver releases for the regular Windows versions. :no:

    I suggest you find any card in the list and install it in your machine.

    Anything above and including the GeForce 256 looks to be supported though the TNT2 range looks not to be.

    Otherwise look for any previous driver releases which you can install on your machine with support for your card.


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