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  1. Hi all I'm new and if anyone was interested in buying Star Trek legacy for the PC. I would like to give you a heads up of what to expect when you first play it.

    - the controls are unchangeable and were quickly fast ported from the xbox 360 version.

    - the graphics are horrible compared to that of the 360 ver which was the ones advertised.

    - the story was cut short- meaning a lot of it was taken out.

    - the multilayer ability is BROKE out of the box

    - very difficult controls for targeting enemies.

    and there are MANY more problems, in short until patches are made save your money ,

    OR get the xbox 360 version.

  2. Millennium was a strange one. It introduced "System Restore" but on

    the whole if its a choice between Me and 98se, I have heard most say

    98se is better than Me.

    Its just strange because people either seem to love it or hate it - some

    say its a nightmare, some say the classic "I've never had a problem"

    but, everyone is different.

    I'm one of those peeps who never really had any problems with it. It was pretty fast on an 866mhz with 256mb ram.

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