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  1. How would that make a difference? The files ARE there, its just that they dont seem to be recognized...
  2. Hello MSFN! I got a little problem with my unattnded XP SP2 CD. I'm getting complaints during installation (when the files are copied from the CD to the HD) that the files XPTHT20W.JPG and MSEXCH40.DLL are missing, but both of them exists as XPTHT20W.JP_ and MSEXCH40.DL_ in I386. I've ruled out burning errors by mounting and testing the image in MS VM and I still get the same error. Can someone help me out here? I've been following the "Beginners unattended guide" as close as I could. Did source copy and slipstreaming manually... Please help me / Pollux
  3. Hello! Since you'r so great gosh, could you please look at my post here, nobody seems to be able to answer it. Read it carefully (to the end of the topic) since there has been some missunderstandings along the way... Thanks / Pollux
  4. I'm already using unattend.bat and my cmdlines.txt/runonceex/etc works fine. I'm using winnt32 with the following switches right now: /s:D:\windist\I386 /unattend:D:\windist\unattend.txt /dudisable /copysource:lang Well the problem is that there is no switch to get rid of the temporary setup files. As far as I know there is no way to just use the files from D:\windist\I386 to install, you always have to have temporary setyp files which can't be placed on another partition than the one you want to install on. And that poses a problem since I want to format that partition before install (edit: and as you know my current system is on that partition so I can't just format it before i run setup). / Pollux
  5. I've read the posted link now and I can't find anything in it that will help me. Seems like there is no way to place the temporary setup files on another partition than the one you want to install on. / Pollux
  6. Ok, I see... Well, I'f all else fails I'll try WinPE. But I really hoped for a way to just dubble-click a .bat-file...go watch TV..come back to a fresh install. So if anyone reads this and know how to do it please be heard. / Pollux
  7. Nope, I'm not running Windows PE. Here's the deal: 1. I got WindowsXP installed on c: 2. I want to format c: and then install a new Windows on c: 3. I can't format c: while using my current system since it's on c: 4. So I want to format it during setup of the new system 5. But the setup places "temporary setup files" on c: before I have a chance to format it (File copy phase is before Text mode phase). So my question is: Could I place the temporary setup files on say d: so that i could format and install onto c: using the temporary files from d:? This is essentially what I said in my first post... / Pollux
  8. Ok now... I just modified my unattend.bat so it looks like this: set AnswerFile=.\unattend.txtset SetupFiles=\\<COMPUTERNAME>\windist\I386 set TempFiles=D \\<COMPUTERNAME>\windist\I386\winnt32 /syspart:%TempFiles%: /tempdrive:%TempFiles%: /s:%SetupFiles% /unattend:%AnswerFile% /dudisable /copysource:lang For what's important here it should be identical to yours although it looks a bit different. I've tested to run this bat and everything seems to be ok. Now I got 2 folders named $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS on my D:. So how do I go on from here? That is: 1. format c: (my current system is on c:) 2. install new system on c: with the files from d: / Pollux
  9. Great! BTW the filename is webfldrs.msi and it's located in system32. So what switch do I use to uninstall it silently? / Pollux
  10. Hello MSFN! I've read MSFN's excellent guide on how to make an unattended XP CD and I've got everything setup correctly on my harddrive. But why burn the CD?, why don't reinstall XP by launching the install from another partition on my harddrive? What I'm trying to do is to format my c: (containing my current XP-boot) and then install my new system on the new and clean formated c: partition. I've looked at the different options for winnt32.exe but haven't been able to figure out what options to use. (what I'm using now:\\computer\windist\I386\winnt32 /s:%SetupFiles% /unattend:%AnswerFile% /dudisable /copysource:lang) So I run winnt32.exe and everything works fine untill I try to format c: (after first GUI with dynamic update etc...reboot...). At that point I get the message that "this partition contaions temporary setup files". So I guess my real question is: How do I get setup to place the temporary files on another partition and get the setup to use these files? Thank you for your help! / Pollux

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