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  1. Is it possible to run WPI from a USB Memory stick? As it will be easier to update installs.
  2. Not sure on how to slipstream them into office but is an option that i would take up
  3. Just doing a virtual install to get screenshots. The error only happens with Office 2003 SP2 nothing else. the line error in debug points to this symbol } but looks fine in the script. config.js installer.js
  4. I get an "Undefined Error" after installing Microsoft Office Service Pack2. Icant see anything wrong with the scripts. It says something about Line 456? Many Thanks James
  5. HAve you got a website for exact instructions as im a dumb a** when it comes to this stuff..
  6. Is it possible to installing XP from an External HDD i.e. a Laptop HDD in an external case. As this would be easier for me due to when i add updates or change programs its a pain to write another DVD, And also wouldnt the read time be better on a External HDD?
  7. sorry again how do i activat it unattended?
  8. ive downloaded that program but you need an MSI of acrobat pro 8 but i've only got the EXE. how can i obtain the MSI version? Cheers
  9. Hi does anyone know how to do a silent install? Cheers
  10. thats winzip not the self extractor part
  11. anyone? Ive tried using autoit but i cant get the hang of it, the script just keeps running and i have to restart my computer to stop it.
  12. Silent Install? I cant work out how to install it silently. And im pretty rubbish at Autoit. any help appreciated
  13. OK i have got this to work You need winzip self extractor 3 though You zip the entire extracted nero files load up self extractor Select self-extracting zip file for software installation. click next twice browse to the nero.zip file (or what ever you called it) Click Next twice Select Unzip automatically Click Next In the command line put in SetupX.exe /q /norestart serialnum_userval=" insert serial " AgreeToLicense="Yes" EULA_AGREEMENT=1 Click Next Put in a message this is mandatory Click Finish wait till it's done and in your runonce put nero.exe (or whatever you called it) and it will install silently EDIT:- by doing it this way you reduce the size down too about 270 mb for a full program
  14. Ok... I've got the CD working well except for Defender which starts up after install, am waiting for a reply from worf to sort this. But Before when I used to install from my Windows XP CD when it's all installed and stuff, when I install a driver it didn't ask me for the Windows CD But After making a Unattended CD it asks everytime that I install a new driver.. Is there a setting to change to sort this? Could it be the ignore driver signing doing this? Cheers

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