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  1. I can't merge .reg files to registry shows error like - not a registry script only can import binary files within registry how overcome this, does any third party registry editor will do .reg merge, can anyone suggest good freeware
  2. I am using snetguard 1.52 to block urls and graphics on webpages when this program running the windows installer is not working because it is using the installer (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315346 same error message as described here and see the causes of it ) when snetguard is stopped everything come to normal I can install ,have aceess to control panel icons,and missing control panel icons will appear is there a way to make this program run independent of installer.I need to run this program when I have to turn off adb plus in some sites to block graphics I have no administrator rights when this program running so some pages require admin right to enter will show error 501 when this program running I want this snetguard run independent of microsoft installer is there a reg key for that

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