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  1. OK Nanaki, I got it. As I don't know my driveletter, what I needed to do is : cdswitch DELL_RESSOURCES 1
  2. Hi Nanaki, Great idea as I'm trying to automate all my installations and don't have a DVD. BUT... Sorry, there's a but, it looks like it's not working with me 1) Actually I use a laptop and my CD reader is external USB. If I run CDSwitch without the CD reader pluged, it fails immediately. 2) If I don't specify the CD letter (wich I usually don't know), it fails. eg: cdswitch "DELL_RESSOURCES" /g:LABEL I made my personal, ugly, dos mode version of WAITCD, I'm gonna post it as soon as possible. Hope my reports will help Santiago
  3. Hi all, Hope everybody is doing fine. How do I create accounts in WINXP and require users to choose their password at first logon. It's pretty unusual since PC means personal computer but I share my computer with my roomates and wish to add their account automatically but don't know their password. I read the NET USER help page but found no answer. Anybody has any idea? Regards Santiago

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