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  1. Several users are actually having this problem. We are running Exchange/Outlook 2003. The user in question has 10 calendars that he views (shared out from other employees). They are all active/"checked" in the Calendar view, but when he closes Outlook and re-opens they all un-check. Any thoughts?
  2. We have about 20 different "VIPs" that when new employees come in they need access to their contacts/calendars (Exchange & Outlook 2003). The conventional way we do it now is to go into each of the 20 account and Delegate the permission to the new employee. As you can imagine this can get time consuming. I've tried to use a distro list, but I guess something with the permissions aren't correct, as it didn't work. Basically if anyone knows an easier way it would be appreciated.
  3. Just wondering (without the support of purchasing third-party apps like UltraMon) if there is a way to get two different wallpapers up in Vista on dual monitors. In XP I know you were able to use the web page area and define it, any idea in Vista RTM Ultimate?
  4. There are about 10 icons that represent files/shortcuts that I delete and for some reason after rebooting (I reboot every night) they reappear on the desktop cluttered to the left. I delete (permanently) and they keep re-creating. Anyone have a problem with this in Vista Ultimate (RTM)?
  5. I renamed the memory dump file because it was 2 GB. I rebooted serveral times times to see if Windows would re-create the memory dump file as the system still was slow.
  6. Hey, thanks again for all the help. I will try to U/L it but on the same token is there any way to get a new version/update of it? I would hate to tie up bandwidth for the 2GB dump file. I will also check with the Safe Mode options
  7. Post a 2.5 GB file? Don't think that's too practical. Anyway like I said I moved the memory dump file and renamed it and MS didn't re-create it. Any suggestions? Also the Shutdown speed is just as long usually.
  8. So basically now the .DMP file is at 2.9 GB! It obvioulsy won't open anywhere.. I copied it somewhere else, renamed it and thought MS would create a new one on boot up, no joy.
  9. Thanks I will try it shortly, but then if the file is analyzed what actions can I take from there?
  10. So I just got a New HP DC7700PC Intel vPro workstation. Before doing anything I booted up XP Pro and went through removing not needed applications. Then I upgraded to Vista RTM. Now at boot up it takes exactly 3.25 minutes to 4.00 everytime. The progress bar on the black screen freezes for about 2 seconds at the 1 minute and 1.5, 2.2 minute intervals. The system is, like I said, 2 days old, nothing else installed that should tie it down, just a slow boot.
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