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  1. FBInst code made by bean123 is much larger, requires ~8MB reserved space before the first partition and can't fit in the same sectors as standard or grub4dos MBR, so no option to simply put that code instead of a standard one.


    You can try replacing grub4dos with newer version which have USB drivers embedded, although as far as I recall this won't solve the issues with those weird BIOS-es which can't even find grldr. I kinda lost track if USB support was merged in the mainstream versions and how mature now it is. You may want to start from here:


  2. The Grub4Dos default position 1 is something like "Autodetect for SCSI/RAID/SATA drivers."


    You do not have to use it. Some other alternatives:



    Consider this option as last resort.


    There were messages like, Cannot find /JMInsDRV.DLL -- found JRAID_F.INF, copying JMIns.dll, error cannot find /JMInsDRV.DLL and then the installation hangs




    I guess you mean preparing the drivers hangs, not the actual Windows Setup, right?

    The DPMS script is from Chenall, the current main grub4dos developer, it was later modified by Steve, the author of RMPrepUSB. I wouldn't play with this script unless there is a trivial change needed.


    Also, I'm older, so it would be nice if there was a way to toggle a pause/continue button or hotkey tp hold the screens so that I could read them



    The script can be modified to pause every now and then, but this would be overwhelming for the average user, cannot be set as default behaviour.

    The information you provided, the driver names, is sufficient to troubleshoot the script.



    It would be nice if there was a little edit window in the program, where user could resort and rename setup programs.



    Just edit menu.lst or winsetup.lst using any text editor- Notepad++ etc. etc.

    Alternatively, there is advanced options button where you can set custom names for the source being added and its folder name on the USB disk.



    I have both Intel and JMicron SATA on my mobo, so I was miffed when JM drivers started popping up. I was wondering how did they get into my source?? Then I realized that the program must have added them, and searched for them.


    As above, you do not have to use the option for SCSI/SATA/RAID drivers.



    Highest regards!! It's a wonderful program!!


    Thank you

  3. Default files are used to auto move between the menus making default one the appropriate one.

    I.e. afer first part of XP setup is completed/booted, make the second one default boot menu, thus allowing unattended setup. Default file is for the main menu, windefault is for the NT5 (xp, 2000,2003) boot menu. I wouldn't play with those file unless you have a good reason to do so.

    DPMS.iso location can be changed, given that you ammend all file locations accordingly.


    DPMS is Chennal's dpms.bat modified by Steve wrapped in an ISO file, only making use of driver pack mass storage, and I doubt their forum would be able to offer much help, unless it's a specific driver issue.

  4. For such ISOs you could simply replace the ISO file with the new one in folder ISO and make sure it's not fragmented, say with the included WinContig in \files\tools\rmprepusb\wincontig.

    Same applies for Windows Vista/7/8 sources, given that boot.wim is the same. No need to defragment here.

    You may also need to edit menu.lst in root and correct the title and file names if they are changed.

  5. I wouldn't touch it, it is exactly as in the original bcd store. The only reason you see it is that there is a menu displayed, in the original configuration the same entry is no displayed, but booted right away. If it bothers you and you know what you are doing, you can use bcdedit, BootIce, or VisualBCD and edit bcd stores in \boot and \efi\microsoft\boot.



    You'd need to use the /store parameter as well and point to the target bcd store, for both BIOS and EFI stores.

  6. @submix8c

    You can't just install XP ro USB, it will bluescreen 0x7b at the first reboot...

    USB drivers boot order has to be fixed and monitored.

    Besides, you can't just install XP to the same or another USB if no internal disks are available, again 0x7b if only removable disks are present. This is also taken care of.

    In short- forget about winnt32 and unmodified source/setup files and procedure.

    WinPE is another beer, OP is looking for a portable full XP, not PE.

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