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  1. 1. I dont have any antivirus-programs, because of all troubles they created :-) (atleast not that i am aware of) 2. in taskmanager "winlogon.exe" is running. 3. I treid to do as you said by activating windows and it said windows is already installed. Thank you very much, for trying to help me. I will try to install the above mentioned progam for antivirus. /Robert
  2. Thanks, i will try this now. I'll be back! /RObert
  3. dear sirs, When i start up the computer i get a error message that winlogon.exe can not start. if anyone knows how i could create a solution for this problem it would be great. Here is the info from browser. szAppName : winlogon.exe szAppVer : szModName : unknown szModVer : offset : 3bf22d89 thanks in advance! /Snuppe
  4. Hi, as the topic says my Word will not open when i click it. Allother office products works well, and the copy is a legal one. You can see the first picture for half a second and then everything dissapers. Anyone with help on this topic? thanks in advance! king regards /Snuppe
  5. nice! I have been looking for this solution as well! Thanks for posting! /Snuppe
  6. Hi I want to create a macro that gives cells with a value over 35 % a red color, and cells under 25% a green colour. Can this be made automaticly when the workbook starts up? I use excel 2003. Thanks in advance! /Snuppe

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