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  1. I see I will be sure to look into those topics. so far when I was reading around before even before I found this forum. ME needed to have the same thing fixed just like you mentioned "MaxFileCache setting in system.ini". And you were able to make 98SE work on a PC with 2 GB Ram that's nice.
  2. wow, Windows ME is also stable for me. And all I did was disable system restore. thanks for the information on how to make ME even more stable. I will take down notes on those things to disable and the utilities.
  3. Thank you xtrm and LLXX. I will take down notes on what you said. so far I do not really understand when you said "Memory depends on the memory controller on the motherboard.", but I do know ME won't be able to handle over 1 GB memory, so I have to limit her memory. So what do I have to do if I find out about the memory controller of the motherboard ? By the way I like that "2GB Limit Defeated" link in your sig. That was pretty cool being able to do that.
  4. Having said that, then that means Windows ME too, can run under the latest hardware? As long as I did this and that to get around the driver problem right ? The things I need to do for ME would be to.... fix her memory limit to be able to install her on a SATA Drive the Videocard supports ME so no Problem there as for Sound I am planning to use a PCI Card that supports ME so what else am I overlooking ? what other things do I have to do in order to make ME and XP work together on this kind of Hardware ?
  5. That's sad, I did not know motherboards themselves needed OS drivers as well.... I thought it was just the problem of the onboard sound chip having no drivers. Oh well in that case what earlier Asus motherboard can I get, to put these other parts together ? Rather what Intel chipset still supports 9x ? Anyway I just found out just now, about Motherboards needing drivers as well, I guess I still have a long way to go. thanks anyway.
  6. I have a question. Is it possible to build a dualboot windows ME 日本版 and windows XP 日本版. On the latest hardware, like for example on a machine with these parts.... CPU: core 2 duo 2.4 Ghz Motherboard: Asus P5B Videocard: Gainward Gforce 6800GS 512MB 256Bit (PCIe) RAM:1GB Soundcard:CMI 8738 6ch PCI or some other card that supports ME basically I wanted a pc that can play the old games and new games, so these are the hardware I have selected. what are the things I have to do to make this kind of dual boot machine possible ? Besides fixing ME's memory limit.
  7. pleased to meet you collector and nitroshift. Well yes I have no Experience in building any yet, but I want to learn as much as possible so I can finally build my dream computer. The people here seem to be able to even build a 98 SE system on a new motherboard. I want to learn how to be able to do those too. anyway I will be learning from you guys here so thanks in advance
  8. Hi everyone I am new here. I joined here so that I can learn from everyone; about everything on computers. I have no experience whatsoever in building coputers, but I wish to build my very onw pc. As you can see from my Avvy, that is my current OS, and in my siggy the PC I wish to build. Please help me in learning to be good with computers, so I can make my wish come true. Thanks in Advance
  9. I got the same kind of corruption before. I fixed it by simply inserting the Windows CD and reinstalling windows. It fixed the problem, and my personal files and settings are retained.

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