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  1. Universal Extractor doesn't decompile CHMs made with ChmBookCreator http://smallweb.ru/library/chmbookcreator.htm
  2. Quick Unpack The program is intended for fast (in a few seconds) unpacking of simple packers (ASPack, ASProtect (old versions), ExeCryptor (old versions), ExeFog, FSG, HidePE, HidePX, LameCrypt, MEW, Orien, PackMan, PECompact, PEDiminisher, PE-PACK, PEX, TeLock (not all versions), UPX, WinUPack, Yoda Protector and many others). http://qunpack.ahteam.org Generic Unpacker is unpacker for some simple packers like upx, fsg, aspack and similar http://deroko.phearless.org/ VMUnpacker This tool based on the technology of virtual machine, it could unpack various known & unknown shells. It is suitable for unpacking the shelled Trojan horse in virus analyses, and because all codes are run under the virtual machine, so they will not take any danger to your system.. By testing, this version could support 57 kinds shells (include 300 versions). The detailed list: upx 0.5x-3.00 All Version BeRoEXEPacker aspack 1.x--2.x All Version PEcompact 0.90--1.76 2.06--2.79 All Version fsg v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 v1.3 v1.31 v1.33 v2.0 All Version vgcrypt v0.75 nspack 1.4--4.1 All Version expressor v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 v1.3 v1.4 v1.501 npack v1.5 v2.5 v3.0 dxpack v0.86 v1.0 !epack v1.0 !epack v1.4 bjfnt v1.2 v1.3 mew5 mew v1.0 v1.1 packman v1.0 PEDiminisher v0.1 pex v0.99 petite v1.2 v1.3 v1.4 v2.2 v2.3 All Version winkript v1.0 pklite32 pepack v0.99 v1.0 pcshrinker v0.71 wwpack32 1.0--1.2 upack 0.1--0.32 0.33--0.399 rlpack 1.11--1.14 1.15--1.18 exe32pack v1.42 kbys v0.22 v0.28 yoda's protector v1.02 v1.025 v1.03.2 yoda's crypt v1.1 yoda's crypt v1.2 v1.3 v1.xModify XJ exestealth 2.72--2.76 hidepe v1.0 v1.1 jdpack v1.01 v2.1 v2.13 jdprotect 0.9b PEncrypt v3.0 v3.1 v4.0 Stone's PE Crypt v1.13 telock v0.42 v0.51 v0.60 v0.70 v0.71 v0.80 v0.85 v0.90 v0.92 v0.95 v0.96 v0.98 v0.99 ezip hmimys_pack v1.0 lamecrypt v1.0 depack polyene v0.01 dragonArmour EP Protector v0.3 PackItBitch trojan_protect anti007 v2.5 v2.6 mkfpack yzpack v1.1 v2.0 spack method1 spack method2 naked packer v1.0 upolyx v0.51 stealthPE v1.01 stealthPE v2.2 mslrh v0.31 v0.32 mslrh v0.2 == [G!X]'s Protect morphine v1.3 morphine v1.6 morphine v2.7 rlpack full edition http://update2.dswlab.com/VMUnpacker.zip http://update3.dswlab.com/VMUnpacker.zip
  3. Universal Extractor 1.6 Beta works well. ------------------------------------------------- CDmage support for Mode1/2048, Mode1/2352, Mode2/2336, Mode2/2352, Mode2/2056, CDI/2352, CDI/2336, CD+G/2448, Audio/2352 tracks support for multisession images. supported CD image file types: CDRWin/Fireburner: CUE, BIN, ISO BINChunker: ISO, TAO, MM2, PCM Nero Burning ROM: NRG (both DAO and TAO image types version and above) CloneCD: CCD, IMG VirtualCD: FCD (uncompressed containers only) Farstone Virtual Drive: VCD (uncompressed containers only) BlindRead/BlindWrite: BWT, BWI DiscJuggler: CDI (both 2.x and 3.x versions) Gear Pro: RDB, MD1, XA NTI CD-Copy: CDP NTI CD-Maker 2000: NCD Prassi CD Rep Plus: GCD Cequadrat Winoncd: C2D Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.x: CIF, ISO other: WAV (44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo only) view filesystem of any session (not only last) display LBA of any file/folder in the filesystem extract and convert tracks into any compatible supported format extract files from data tracks compare files with files burned on the cd or with files on the hd scan checkable tracks or sector range for corruption (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images) change LBA of the data tracks change volume label and other CD identification data of any session repair of corrupted sectors (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images) rebuild of fields of corrupted sectors - ECC/EDC regen (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images) locate content of corrupted sectors play audio and CD+G tracks direct from all image files without extracting while scanning, repairing, locating errors sector browser with sector field highlighting displaying of total disc time and overburn time for both 74 and 80 min cds. El Torito standard support (bootable cds), extraction of boot record (multiple-boot images are supported) supported operating systems: all Win32 based (95, 98, Me, NT, 2k) http://cdmage.orcon.net.nz/ Download: http://ftp.uevora.pt/pub/Mirrors/CDmage/CDmage1-02-1B5.exe http://ftp.uevora.pt/pub/Mirrors/CDmage/CDmage1-02-1B5.rar ftp://cdmage:cdmage@big-al.dhs.org:69/CDmage1-02-1B5.rar CDI2nero, BIN2ISO, ISO2MAC, MAC2ISO, ... http://cdirip.cjb.net/
  4. Some other "extracting-related" programs: dmg2iso converts compressed (z-lib) dmg images to iso images http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/ MDF2ISO is a very simple utility to convert an Alcohol 120% bin image to the standard ISO-9660 format. http://developer.berlios.de/projects/mdf2iso nrg2iso program converts Nero CD images into ISO-9660 CD images. http://www.roland-illig.de/lang.delphi.nrg2iso.html xbiso is an iso extraction utillity for xdvdfs images http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbiso Extract-xiso is the premier backup tool for creating and extracting disc image .iso's of XBox games. http://sourceforge.net/projects/extract-xiso WinMount WinMount is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing compressed archives and image files impressivesly and conviniently. It can be used to mount ZIP, RAR, ISO,etc archives very fast, which enabling you to use the files inside it directly without needing extract it beforehand. Such convenience, therefore, saves your time and disk space dramatically. In addition, WinMount, serving as a CD-ROM OR DVD-ROM emulator, supports almost all image file formats, which including but not limited to ISO, CUE/BIN, CCD,BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG, PDI B5T and ISZ. http://www.winmount.com/
  5. Universal Extractor v1.5 doesn't corectly unpack Windows updates and hotfixes. Folder with files like _sfx_manifest_ , _sfx_0000._p , _sfx_0001._p , ... , _sfx_.dll appeares instead. This prog: HFExtract http://xable.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32 unpacks them right. Is there any way to integrate it into Universal Extractor?
  6. Sites with lots of unpackers for packed executables (some of the sites is in Russian so you may need an online translator such as http://babelfish.altavista.com/, etc.). http://ap0x.jezgra.net/unpackers.html http://www.absolutelock.de/construction/releases.html http://www.absolutelock.de/construction/archive.html http://www.extractor.ru/index.phtml http://reversing.kulichki.net/files/unpack/unpack.htm May be, some of the unpackers worth including in future Universal Extractor releases? Qwerty.Msi The tool for viewing and editing Windows Installer setups http://www.qwerty-msi.com/
  7. Some other useful progs Dragon UnPACKer This program allows you to see into the big files in games like Quake 2 (go look in the baseq2 sub directory, see the big pak0.pak file, that's one) and extract files to anywhere you want easily. It can also convert some weird formats to common formats (like .ART Duke Nukem 3D files to Windows BitMaP .BMP files). http://switch.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcefor...nthia-setup.exe http://surfnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcefo...nthia-setup.exe Extractor Extractor is a program that enables a search for any type of formats in selected files. The size of files found is calculated according their contents and are identical with the original file size. It is very easy to save and then later find the results of your search without having to search through files again. Extractor contains a lot of other useful functions for work with files. They can be used to extract, divide, merge or import files or create groupfiles of various formats. The files already found is possible to open and view without extracting them. One of the functions also enables you to search for an arbitrary text in found file items or sort items according to given criteria. http://www.volny.cz/nova-software/files/extr24.zip http://www.volny.cz/nova-software/files/extrsdk12.zip Game Extractor Features: -Over 600 plugins for reading and writing 1000+ game archives -Supports games from many platforms including PC, XBox, PS2, and PSP -Format scanner for finding files in unknown and unsupported archives -Extract, replace, and rename files in existing archives -Add and remove files, or create new archives -Previews of common formats including images, audio, and video files -Preview exporting and conversion into different formats -Togglable dialogs, so you can disable the annoying ones. -Completely custom interface, including a color changer to give it your own personal touch -Advanced hex viewer for displaying information about unknown files -View archive contents as a table or a tree -Support for many different languages -Autorun programs for quick and easy use on Windows computers Supported games http://www.watto.org/extract/games.html Game Extractor (Basic) http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ckage_id=156463 InstallShield CAB File Viewer 9 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L48GUP4C Quick Unpack 1.0 beta5 The program is intended for fast (in 2 seconds) unpacking simple packers (UPX, ASPack, PE Diminisher, PECompact, PE-PACK, PackMan, WinUPack and many others). Quick Unpack tries to bypass all possible scramblers/obfuscators. From the version 1.0 the opportunity of unpacking dll is added. http://qunpack.ahteam.org/wp-content/uploa...beta5public.zip
  8. InstallShield CAB File Viewer 12 Allows to extract from any InstallShield CABinets up to version 12. Features also a full help guide & a command line edition. http://www.4shared.com/file/3299830/2eeab3...leviewer12.html InstallShield CAB File Viewer 10.5 http://www.4shared.com/file/3300121/d8676f...eviewer105.html MultiExtractor MultiExtractor is an application that allows you to extract/recovery multimedia files. MultiExtractor is different from other extractors becouse: it extracts image/audio/video files (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, ICO, CUR, XM, MOD, WAV, OGG, MP3, S3M, AVI, DAT, ASF, MOV and SWF) it can extract files stored in DATABASES (like *.doc, *.ppt, *.xls, *.pdf, *.db...) it can also extract all specifed formats (stored as resources) from PE-FILES (*.exe, *.scr, *.dll, *.ocx, *.ax...) it have a dynamic multimedia explorer (all data is mapped) it have a very strong filtering options (like icon properties, image properties, size of files) it can extract crypted/packed resources of executable file it uses DRAG&DROP interface and CLIPBOARD. http://www.multiextractor.com/multiextractor.exe These toolz also can help.
  9. Alternative PE detectors/analyzers: ARiD Archives identifier, now detects 179 types of archives and 22 types of self-extracing (SFX) archives, also there are some useful functions, such as context menu extension and search archiver in internet.The program was writed in assembler using masm32. Program detect archive with search signatures in file, no using file extension, filename, etc. http://patkov-site.narod.ru/files/arid.zip DETECT iT EASY http://hellspawn.nm.ru/works/die_059.zip ExeInfo PE * Windows 32 PE executable file checker * * * * compilators,exe packers .... * * * * with solve hint for unpack * * * http://www.geocities.com/exeinfo_PE/exeinfope.zip or http://www.geocities.com/Exeinfo_pe/exeinfope.zip or http://users.cjb.net/exeinfo/exeinfope.zip PROTECTiON iD * scanning of PC Games & Application files to detect the protection used(s) * detects most of the available executable compressor / crypter and it´s up to date in detecting the newest PC-Game protections * scanning CDs / DVDs for Tagés (only available on win2k / winxp, but no ASPI drivers required) * scan folders with all the included files * coded in 100% Win32 Assembly language, allowing it to run on every WinOS since Windows 95 * easy scanning with the shell context menu 'Scan with Protection ID...' or drag & drop files into the (simple to use) GUI * ability to scan a cracked file and to get possible information which protection was originally used * check for the newest update and download it * more strong scanning routines allowing it to detect multiple (!) protections in one file * no additional files like VB Runtimes, MSVC dlls or ASPI drivers are required, you simply need one exe file ! * constantly updated to detect the newest protections available for PC Games & Applications http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/ProtectionID_v5.2b.rar
  10. PEID custom edition (new plugins, signs) (12.11.2006) URL REMOVED by Shark007 PEID signs collections: URL's REMOVED by Shark007 PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS TO SITES CONTAINING WAREZ
  11. I can't unpack this with Universal Extractor: DOSBox 0.65 [ExeinfoPE: Installer Nullsoft PiMP Stub - ( read from Ovl : NullsoftInstkS ) PEID: Nullsoft PiMP SFX] http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dosbox/...er.exe?download D-FEND V2 beta 2 (frontend for DOSBox) [CreateInstall v2003.3.5] http://members.home.nl/mabus/files/dfend_v2_beta_2.zip ProgDVB http://download.progdvb.com/ProgDVB4.80.5FullInstall.exe Another alternative Aspack unpacker: RL!deASPack 2.x http://ap0x.jezgra.net/RL!deASPack%202.x.rar
  12. nitro322, thanks for the useful tool! By the way, why don't you apply choise of several unpackers for Aspack, like for Wise installers. Yoda's AsspackDie is quite a good and smallest of them but not the best. Sometimes it can't unpack a specific Aspack compressed file, while others Aspack decompressors can. Here is two of them: http://uploaded.to/?id=8f212c Sorry for my bad English.
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