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  1. I want making a usb disk from vlite image by petousb, but this software is not support the iso image by vlite. How can I do ?? Can adding a new option for choice making iso image or create a bootable usb disk?? Thanks..
  2. Can I do it by vlite ?? Thanks..
  3. Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is harmless. But I search many time also can't found how to manage the service control manager, so want anyone can help me. Now, I only can use filter to exclude their message (no see no problem )
  4. How can stop Service control manager to monitor Terminal Service Status?? The Event error is : Registering with Service Control Manager to monitor Terminal Service status failed with The specified service does not exist as an installed service. , retry in ten minute.
  5. Yes, I need install vLite on Windows XP. I get the attach error if I running vLite with nLite Net Framework zip files.
  6. We had Net Framework Runtimes for nlite, but it is not work for Vlite. Hope we can have it soon.

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