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  1. yea that makes sence... i was just warryed that as the external hdd dosnt have the spec. that vista needs... but then it must be how to run it thanks fror your help! Spooky im sorry for confusing question... never been good in asking.. dont no the tech aspects to evrything thanks im now gunna wate till january and then buy vista and insall it onto the external hard drive. how will i no if my laptop can run the auro grafix thinig? thanks again
  2. im new.... i just want to no... when vista comes out i am relly desprate in getting it, i have a 40GB Sony Vaio mp3 player and i dont want to lose XP becuase of school work ect. so would it run because my laptop can run it. im just wondering if the vista will work on the external hdd (as i can use it as a external hdd)?? this has been bugging me for ages!! the reason why im asking is becuase ob's the external hdd dosen't have the specs as a computer, or dosen't it matter?? becuase the specs are just for running the operating system yea?? not for installing thanks for you help James (please contact me on... james_dollow_rocks_this_world_@hotmail.com becuase i am not using my computer at the moment!) thanks again

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