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  1. I used a crack found on web with key from microsft vista Customer Preview Program web page. the driver itself is beta version too. I always log in administrator, so there shouldnt be a problem with administrator.
  2. I tried to install driver for Sound Blaster 24 bit live, on vista RTM buld 6000, it says please upgrade to windows vista or later version. what is wrong here?
  3. when i download any file from any website, it always stop at 99% and not moving anymore, just hang over there. when I try do download the file again, it start at 0% and hang there. how can I fix this?
  4. I'm using vista RTM builld 6000. whe I boot up, there no boot screen picture, all I see this a progress bar moving, whole screen is black. is it possible to change this? i downloaded free utility, stardock bootskin and free vista bootscreen, to change it but it didn't chage. I tried in normally mode and safe mode. anybody have any ideas?

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