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  1. Hi, I want to remove the 'Online Stores' tab from Windows Media Player 10. This function is annoying because i don't want to retrieve media information from any Online Store (I already disabled all options related with auto complete missing information). Here's an illustrative example: Can this be turned off in the Registry? Any help? Sorry for my bad english...
  2. Thanks for your help LeveL. However i fixed this issue by other way: 1. Go to 'My Documents' folder 2. Select 'View' and check 'Arrange Icons by > Name', 'Auto Arrange' and 'Align to Grid' 3. Select 'View' and click 'Refresh' 4. Select 'Tools' > 'Folder Options...' > 'View' tab > Select 'Apply to All Folders' 5. Keep CTRL key pressed while closing 'My Documents' folder This i get my icons sorted and aligned correctly by filename Sorry for any incovenience...
  3. All icons by name I'm new here and i hope that somebody can help me.. I want to change the way my icons are arranged and apply the settings to whole system. I want to display all icons by name and turn auto arrange off simultaneously. Can it be done using the Regedit? Sorry for my bad english...

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