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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    OK so the RAID installed again fine Lst night (or at least it seemed that way) using 6.86 SATARAID Drivers only and doing a standard F6 install. I then installed the whole 6.86 package WITHOUT SW DRIVERS (is this correct or no.. i found conflicting information about these... and I think I hit yes to install this previous times, so I hit no this time) I installed 93.71 Video Drivers Everything OK at this point.. I shut the computer down and then left for the night so I did not do anything else to it. Got home after working today(and golfing ) turned on the computer got it hooked up to the internet (ICS - Xover cable through my wirless on My computer..works great actually)... Everything seems OK I installed firefox, Azureus downloaded 2 Small torrents.. Everything still fine... I was just surfing the web, and boom "Internet Explorer has to close" ...Ok its windows... then again.. Went back to FireFox.. even that got a simular error. so now im like Crap.. Realized I did not do windows updates yet.. so I do this (custom) Downloaded everything OK, then started installing updates ... I got another error "Generic Host Process for WIN 32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close" I rebooted the machine, and it looks like it is starting the whole update process over again.. checked EVENT VIEWER: NVRAID Erros: -"The device , , hasa bad block" Event ID 7 Source NVRAID DISK Errors: The Device \Device\HardDisk0\D, has a bad block Event ID 7 Source DISk Symbolic NAme: IO_ERR_BAD_BLOCK Explanation: The device has a bad block of memory, which Windows was unable to read. Data might be missing or corrupted OK.. Well w/o running memtest yet, according to this the Harddrive(s) is bad!..PowerSupply is 500W CoolerMaster CPT 500T Rock Solid Reviews ( LINK http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817159040 ) But I do not know if this actually meens the physical drive is bad, or the drivers for the RAID are not properly working... DO I RMA the hard Drives or what?! JSUT DL western digital diags.. installed checked the box to run the app... and the machine rebooted!.. then got stuck at the Windows XP loading screen..this is not looking good!
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thank You Very Much Fernando for helping me out, along with everyone else too. I just copied the contents of the SATARAID folder of 6.86 and loaded an original XP PRo w/SP2 CD then tried loading drivers VIA F6 and it says: File nvatabus.sys caused an unexpected error (4096) at line 2113 ib d:\xpsprtm\base\setup\oemdisk.c. Press any key to continue. EDIT: THAT WAS A BAD FLOPPY DISK... waiting on results This is extreemly frustrating, its been almost 2 weeks of trying 100 different things... I am wondering if there is some hardware that is failing somewhere(Motherboard), not because of this error, but the fact I have had it working great for several hours and then it falls apart with nvraid and dcom errors in the event viewer) Alos Ive seen people say putting the Raptors on SATA 1 and 3 instead of 1 and 2.. does that really help? I am thinking about putting the memory in my machine (2 x RAID 0 arrays, 2 * segate 80gig and 2x 300gig segates.. xp pro on the 80s vista on the 300s) but I dont want to screw up my arrays!
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Combination SATARAID+SATA_IDE folders is the same as taking the legacy folder or no? ... Isnt doing that combination the same as using NLite to do the adding the SATARAID as textmode and it automatically taking the IDE as PnP? (which I have tried)
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I have been trying to get Windows XP w/SP2 Installed on the this new system in a RAID 0 config for over a week now. Specs: AMD FX55 Abit A8N SLI x32 2gig Adata RAM GForce 7600 GT Cooler MAster 500W PSU Samsung DVD/CD RW 2 X 150Gig Raptor HDs I have used Nlite to make the disk with the newest sata_RAid and the 6.70 package I seem to get windows installed ok, and everything is ok for a while and running (almost) great. OF course there are unistalled devices in teh device manager, so I install those, and I always end up with one 'unknown' device.. and a raid controller.. which I now learned this is the SIL controller.. I am not sure what the unknown is.. this current installation I was able to get rid of it.. I am guessing it is part of the SIL driver or ACPI. Anyways after many installations the same thing happens after a couple hours, things start to 'lag' a little bit... Internet explorer starts crashing ..normally this expected to a point with MS, i know.. but this happens A LOT!! then a blue screen comes.. goes really fast... then I reboot sometimes it goes to windows, but iut usually wont take to blue screen again.. nvXXX files amongst others (i dont have them all.. this pc is for a friend, and i do not have a log of all of them Currently I am using the system and it very slow to respond.. also I can not open IE at all, or any type of folder or anything that uses the EXPLORER.exe shell 1. what is the best driver package to use from NVidia? 2. Should I or SHould I not use the IDE PnP driver than Nlite adds automatically 3. Do I need to remove any windows components 4. What steps are required after the install?