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  1. To Install Vista via HDD, make sure that your primary HD (normaly "C:") have enougth free space for instalation files. I had the same problem, but I did free up some space on HD C: and it has solved. Hope it solves your problem.
  2. Does anyone tried to install a third party firewall on vista? If so does it work ok? Thanks!!!
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    Try this site: AVG
  4. Vista writes the MBR like linux does, that's why there is a boot screen before the usual screen for choosing the operating system. A way to solve this is to boot from a dos diskete and use the following command: FDISK /MBR It works, I've allready tried it.
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    I've AVG free and it works!
  6. Thanks to all of you for your help!!!! But I will describe how I solved the problem: I installed Linux(Mandrake 9) on another partition, startup linux and open the NTFS partition on a windown...Guess what... YES!!! I was able to recover all the files without any password or anything else...like if it was a FAT filesystem with no security at all!!!! Can U belive this??? NTFS security??? bulls***... that's scary isn't it... Any comments???? DumDum
  7. I've tried both sugestion but none worked I suppose the only way is to take the HD back to de old computer... NTFS is a great s***
  8. Hi! I changed my computer, installed a clean copy of XP on the new HD and put the old HD on this new computer. The old HD was NTFS, I can see every thing except prtected folders with password. I have the same username and password on the new installation of XP, but it keeps saying access denied to those folders ... I ther any way of accessing them??? Thanks!
  9. If you heve Norton Personal Firewall, it won't let you do it even if you disable it. I had that problem too... The solution is to unistall NPFW and instal Tiny Personal Firewall.
  10. I did configure NPFW 2002 rule for messenger and gave it all permitions (any address and any port) and it didn't worked. As I told U before I even disabled NPFW 2002 and I couldn't send a file with messenger. Only when I unistall it I was able to send files via Messenger or mirc.
  11. ok! here it goes... Fase 1: Connection type -> DSL using XP Dial UP Modem -> Alcatel speed touch home ISDN Programs using -> Messenger & MIRC Firewall -> XP Firewall disabled both for ethernet card and DialUP DSL connection. Norton Personal Firewall 2002 installed but disabled Status: Can't send files with messenger and mirc Fase 2: Uninstall Norton PFW 2002, reg cleaned Status: Files are sent, no problems Fase 3: Installed Tiny Personal Firewall and enabled it. Status: Can send files after creating the apropiate firewall rule Conclusion: Norton PFW 2002 even if disabled or even after a reboot with the option "run on windows startup" disabled, still controls your internet connections....stupid(I think)
  12. I've discovered the problem, it was Norton Personal FireWall. Even disabled it won't let me send files using messenger or mirc, isn't that stupid??? After unistalling the Norton Personal FW(s*** program) everything went back to normal. I have to choose another firewall, I was thinking using Tiny Personal Fire Wall or ZoneAlarm.... Can anyone help me with this choise?? Thanks
  13. Hi! I am not able to send files with messenger or MIRC, I've XP firewall disableb. It tell me(when using messenger) that file transfer is disabled....??? When I use Win98 everything goes fine... Does anyone can help me? Thanks!! DumDum

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