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  1. How to make a dynamic signature (IP sig)

    Okey dokey lil’ smokies, ya'll discard my prior posts in this here thread, my issues seem to be resolved, (in another forum, BTW.) Posting if anybody else needs to know. As getting assistance here is apparently like pulling teeth. [ QUOTE ] ImageTTFText ($image, 10, 0, 10, 17, $green, $font, "Place Text Here: "); ImageTTFText ($image, 10, 0, *, 17, $PlaceNewColorCodeVarHere, $font, $PlaceVarNameHere); // Replace the * with the number of pixels between the left side of the image and the start of the number. [ /QUOTE ] [ INSERT SARCASM ] Again, thanks you all for your wonderful help and attitudez onboard this here MSFN board, outstanding work guyz, ya'll r just sooo l33t! w00t! w00t! U go boyz! laff … These forums are actually eerily similar to calling MS tech support, lolol, newayz I am so outtie, kthxbye [ /INSERT SARCASM ]
  2. For those that would like an answer for this, I got some outstanding assistance, (via another forum BTW.) [ QUOTE ] the .htaccess is the file that IIS won't like. All you have to do is change sig.jpg to sig.php and link to it in forums by: [CENTER][URL="HTTP://WebsiteAddress.EXT/Directorie(s)/FileName.EXT"][img=HTTP://WebsiteAddress.EXT/Directorie(s)//Sig.PHP][/URL][/CENTER] If forums won't allow that as an image, you'll have to change what your server thinks of .jpg files. Set it to parse them as php. To do this in IIS you need to (as far as I know): open IIS right click on the folder containing your sig.jpg file select 'properties' click on the 'http headers' tab click 'file types' in the 'MIME map' section add a new type with Associated extension: .jpg Content type (MIME): application/x-httpd-php [ /QUOTE ]
  3. Apparently IIS does not work with .htaccess files, I get only an HTTP 500 error when accessing that directory, I discovered this attempting to work on a dynamic sig for PHP forums, I am curious if there is another way to mock this or a work around all together? Thanks.
  4. How to make a dynamic signature (IP sig)

    Alright, after tweeking the examples in this thread this is what I have come up to hopefully work with my application, I am making this for an Admin for a site that I believe does use Apache, I just won’t be able to test anything myself, if I have errors in this code please advise me of them, if anybody is willing to do so. I may not have understood everything fully, as this is the first time that I have actually played around with PHP code. I am planning on setting these files in directory labeled: POAN, server side; this directory will also contain an HTML file that is used by the script I am trying to make this sig for. I have included these files to help paint the picture and limit any confusion. This is to work by having a script create the POAN.HTML and PC.txt files those are then FTP'ed to the server, the POAN.HTML will be accessed by players and the PC.txt is just for the sig, these files will be updated at a set period of time by the admin. the sig will then be linked to by the games support site and the Admins own site, etc. This is for an old online door game known as TradeWars 2002 now TradeWars 2002/TWGS, the script is for a helper called TWXProxy that allows users to make scripts to automate game play for them. This project I am working on though is more admin related, though to the players benefit. Thanks again for any assistance. An example of the code used by TWXProxy to create the needed file for PC.TXT locally on the admins computer prior to FTPing to their website (these are excerpts from the file, as they are actually written throughout the file in various functions.) # sets up the file path and name to be used: setVar $sigPath $POANPath & "PC.TXT" # if no users are online: setVar $sig "None" # else $X is the number of users online. setVar $sig $X # checks for the old file, removes it and writes a new one PC.TXT: fileExists $fc $sigPath IF $fc DELETE $sigPath END WRITE $sigPath $sig POAN.HTML [displays the game and player information via website] PC.TXT [contains the number of players currently online, so this would just contain a number i.e. 10 (I put a little function at the bottom of the Sig.JPG file, which I modified from the random quote code, to read from this file so not sure if I have this correct? Also, does the CHMOD setting for this file matter to make this work?)] verdana.ttf [obvious] .htaccess file: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .JPG Sig.JPG file: <?php Header('Content-type: image/jpeg'); Header('Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0'); Header('Pragma: no-cache'); // set the dimensions $img_width = 200; $img_height = 25; // create the image $image = imagecreate($img_width, $img_height); // set the colours $cool = imagecolorallocate($image, 81, 86, 96); $green = imagecolorallocate($image, 0, 255, 0); // set the background colour // number or is top left pixel x, top left pixel y, bottom right pixel x, bottom right pixel y imagefilledrectangle($image, 0, 0, $img_width, $img_height, $cool); // set the font and print text $font = 'verdana.ttf'; // reading from the Player Count text file to obtain the number of players currently online. // Still need to change CHMOD to 777 also? $count = file('PC.txt'); // now i will create a line with font size 10, with no angle, 10 pixels to the right, and 15 pixels down ImageTTFText ($image, 10, 0, 10, 17, $green, $font, "Total Players Currently Online: ".$count); // output and destroy imagepng($image); imagedestroy($image); ?> This is the basic result I am hoping for (except in lime green): Total Players Currently Online: 10 As and alterative option how would you make the number a different color? just put a defined color $ as: $white=imagecolorallocate($image, 255, 255, 255); ImageTTFText ($image, 10, 0, 10, 17, $green, $font, "Total Players Currently Online: ".$white.$count);
  5. How to make a dynamic signature (IP sig)

    Sorry, that is just actually sort of funny you MOD for these MS forums and yet you trash Windwos, laff. As well sorry, though I am coming here for help not to debate Win vs. Lin. Although, I will say that there is a reason Linux is more secure then Windwos, which I am sure you are aware of those reasons. By downgrading my service I meant the WinPro package offers much more then the latter Linux packages, Bandwidth, accessibility, storage size, plugins, email accounts, etc. Personally, I hate Windwos, and I hate BG and everything that spoon feeder is about, but I use his software because, well BG has successfully monopolized the entire computer industry, sure program such as Linux and BartPE are nice alternatives, though they do not permit the necessary foundation to enable the full abilities that most software was built upon specifically for well, you know.
  6. How to make a dynamic signature (IP sig)

    I was hoping I could get some guidance with issues I am having working this out, I have been through about 1/2 a dozen tutorials on how to do this and have been unable to get one to work at all, I believe I am having an issue with the .htaccess file, I keep getting a HTTP error 500, whatever this is, when I remove the htaccess file I can view other files in that directory though while it is there only this error displays. I tried using the file that was uploaded to this site on the first page of this thread, with no luck I also tried using it with just the "AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .jpg", still same problem either way. I use an IPOWER WinPro for my web server, though do not know if they have GL installed, I did upload the verada.ttf though. All I am really wanting to do is have a line of text display in either white or lime green stating "Total Players Currently Online: " and then merging this with a number from another file that will be updated every so many minutes i.e. 12. This will then be displayed in a Administrator's sig for a gaming website and support forums. I have had no luck with this as of yet, any ideas or suggestions would be great, thank you for your time. UPDATE: I just got of the phone with tech support and they advised their Windows servers do not use Apache they use IIS (?), so is there an alternative for this function or do I need to downgrade my service to their Linux servers that use Apache?