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  1. Royalty OEMs usually don't provide a hologrammed CD. To determine if thay are a Royalty OEM look at the COA sticker. If it says "OEM Product" it is not a Royalty OEM and can be activated online. If it has the MESH name or logo it is a Royalty OEM. Sorry for the delay. Yep turns out it wasn't a Royalty OEM. Activated it succesfully over the automated phone system. Thx.
  2. Hi guys. The hd on my mates laptop has failed and we have ordered a new one which should arrive next week. It's a MESH laptop which was provided with a holographic xp home disc. When we re-install windows it would be nice to preserve OEM Pre-activation. However because we cannot access the old HD there is no way of extracing the OEM Bios files and also the licence key. Is there anywhere where I can locate a MESH OEMBIOS file? Are MESH even a royalty OEM? Once I have got past that hurdle, I still won't have the correct licence key. Can I use the xp home system builder one from this page? http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...depl.mspx#EWFAC Obviously it's not a big problem if this isn't possible, as we can install with the COA sticker's key and activate it over the phone. However if anyone has any suggestions they would appreciated. Thanks, Mat.
  3. Tip for fixing admin autologin

    Below is what nLite creates except I have changed AutoLogon to "No" and the count to 0. And then it still only works if I ONLY slipstream drivers and nothing else. Mat
  4. Tip for fixing admin autologin

    Right, I've just made another CD with selecting Autologon as "None". The answer file still had it stored as "Yes". So I changed this myself to the correct value, yet the system is still logging in as Admin. If I only use nLite to slipstream drivers, and create the WINNT.SIF file manually with the same info (copy and pasted) from nLite's WINNT.SIF file, then it all works fine. Any ideas? Mat. PS. This is using nLite 1.2.1 on a SP2 source.
  5. Tip for fixing admin autologin

    Yep it's 1.2.1 that I used I'll make another CD and see what happens. Maybe it was just a freak incident. Mat.
  6. Can nLite do this?

    Cool excelent, enjoy your fresh install
  7. Can nLite do this?

    Thanks a lot Mat. The reason I selected the BASE driver is because I am not using my SATA drive in RAID configuration. It's the only drive in my system. I bought a SATA drive because of SATA's supposed better performance. So I thought the BASE driver was appropriate since I did not intend to use RAID. I will try the driver you referenced. I assume that I can just ignore the "Press F6 ..." option and have Win XP setup find the slipstreamed driver all by itself. I'll report my findings in a bit. Thanks again, Dondi. No worries! Yeah I would read it as requiring the BASE driver as well but it's the SATARAID one you are after And yes just ignore the F6 message. Mat.
  8. Tip for fixing admin autologin

    Hi guys. Im not sure if this will help but it worked for me. A number of people seme to have a problem with the system auto logging in even if they choose NOT to from the unattanded settings. Bassically what you need to do is run nLite as normal, then when you reach the ISO creation step edit the WINNT.SIF file from the I386 folder with Notepad. Find this and change it to Save the file and then pop back into nLite and complete the ISO creation. Im not sure if it is a bug or just something random, but even when I select NO and 0 from nLite (the default settings) it still creates YES and 1 in the answer file. Hope this helps someone! Mat.
  9. Can nLite do this?

    Hey no worries your more than welcome I think I have noticed the problem. I checked the drivers that you linked to and they are NOT for the SATA RAID BIOS. They are instead for accessing non-raid devices with the BASE BIOS. If you ask me their website is a bit confusing but if you download these drivers you should be ok http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/3112r_x86_10561_logo.zip They are the latest stable drivers for the SATA RAID BIOS under XP that I can find. (And I use them on my system) Hope this helps Mat.
  10. Can nLite do this?

    I have used nLite to slipstream my SP1 disc with SP2 + Si3112 drivers for a while now without any problems. You will need to download the SP2 redistributable package to your hard drive and copy the drivers to a folder on your HD. (You could also download them from the Silicon Image website but make sure you extract them from the zip file 1st) Simply copy your SP1 disc to a folder on your HD. Load this into nLite and select the options for service pack, drivers and create bootable ISO image. After you have applied the service pack you should be taken to the drivers page. Load up the silicon image drivers and you should be given a choice of a Windows XP driver and something else. make sure you hilight the XP driver then continue. Create your ISO burn it with Nero and you should be OK. Ps. Also make sure you re-enable the SATA Raid Rom as this will also disable the SATA even if you don't use RAID. Mat.