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  1. Hi I've been using Win7 RTM on my system now for a month or so but I've got an issue with my system writing any data that is over 200k to a DFS-R share (Error appears with the code of 0x8007003B), I can write to a DFS share just fine so it seems to be something to do with the replication of data. I can also write the file to the DFS-R folder if I go through the administrative share. My participating servers in DFS-R are Win2k3 R2 based with the latest service pack, WinXP and Vista clients are totally fine in writing data to the shares which leads me to think this is a bug. Anyone having issues with DFS-R with a Win7 client? Cheers P.S Forgot to mention I've tried this on a totally different system with a clean build of Win7 (just registered to the domain no patches whatsoever) and today I received a brand new laptop with a HP image of Windows 7 which is exhibiting the same issue as above.
  2. Hi Cluberti, The issue I am having is how do clients know to connect to the DFS target as opposed to the share located on the WDSServer. So since I've done nothing on WDS Server to tell clients that the images are located on the DFS target surely they would download images from <<WDSSERVER>>\REMINST\IMAGES\<<IMAGEGROUP>> Is there some kind of config file I can altered to state a path? Because looking around on WDS it seems I can only create image groups but not state a path for them. Hope that makes more sense Cheers
  3. I've just had a bash at this, I've got the images hosted on DFS (folder target is \\<WDSSERVER>\REMINST\images\<<IMAGEGROUP>> however how do I get WDS to tell clients to use the DFS share as apposed to the default location of \\<WDSSERVER>\REMINST\images\<<IMAGEGROUP>> the technet article doesn't make it clear, seems to me it's just to provide a mirror on DFS that can be used to power other WDS servers. If anyone can correct me I'll appreciate it
  4. Hi, Am trying to find out if it's possible to use DFS to make clients connect to different servers to obtain the image they need as a way to balance out the load rather than sucking all the bandwidth off the WDS server, so ideally I can use three servers to host the images that clients will connect to and download from. Cheers
  5. Hello Am planning a network redesign, I want to have a single domain powered by two domain controllers, am just wondering whether it's possible or if anyone has decided to use DFS to load balance the request for data over two servers. Basically from my understanding of DFS (yet to set-up one) I can have users' data on both servers and then have DFS sync data over at set intervals, so when a user logs on and requests their files it will automatically choose the best server to obtain the data from, therefore load balancing. Am I correct in thinking this? I plan to use folder redirection alone with no roaming profile, in the hope to speed up logging on, so I am just after speed to access files and of course should a domain controller go down users can still access their files from the remaining DC. So if anyone has any views on this whether it's possible or am using DFS incorrectly.. Thanks
  6. The source is clean.. I can understand hiding the language am currently using however when it comes to customising the answer file to set the locale, keyboard etc the option for English British isn't there either which is very puzzling..
  7. Hi, Am in the process of creating an WinXP SP3, IE7, WMP11 disc to try and trim down the full version of XP.. however I seem to be having issues setting it to English (British) when I try to do it in Nlite the option is missing.. leaving all the English derived locations on (Australian, Canadian etc) when I come into the XP Setup and select United Kingdom it says the locale is not installed.. similar to the keyboard layout which only Extended United Kingdom is available. So am wondering whether the creator(s) of Nlite has a gripe about English people or am I missing something... Thanks, Michael
  8. Hi people I've been tearing my hair out over this so hoping someone can give me a hand before I go bald! I've setup my Microsoft ISA 2006 server to allow remote access via VPN, I can connect via VPN locally within the network however when I try external it fails, my ISA server is behind another ISA server which has apparently be select to allow traffic from port 500, 4500 and 1701 however when I look at my firewall log it only shows requests coming to port 500 and 4500 as shown below, none to port 1701. VPN Setup: L2TP Protocol IPSec Preshared Key (for now.. will update to certificate based auth later on) Network Layout: Internet --> 1st ISA --> 2nd ISA (the one within my building) --> Internal Network Snippet from ISA Firewall Log - Note IP address have been removed BLACKHOLE 2008-02-19 07:57:02 UDP <<USERIP>>:61079 <<2ndISA IP>>:500 External Local Host Establish 0x0 [System] Allow VPN client traffic to ISA Server IKE Client 0 0 0 0 - - - - 184502 2249727 BLACKHOLE 2008-02-19 08:05:14 UDP <<USERIP>>:61079 <<2ndISA IP>>:500 External Local Host Terminate 0x80074e20 [System] Allow VPN client traffic to ISA Server IKE Client 2400 2400 7280 7280 492000 Am guessing that the 1701 (L2TP Client) port has not been opened on the first ISA server that is causing this problem however when I confirmed whether it was open I was told it was... but with the fact I am not even seeing L2TP client hitting the firewall nevermind being even allowed or disallow I still think its blocked. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hi again, I've got a deadline of Wednesday to have this done... by lack of responses I take it this must be impossible to do? I've not found much on the net but am not really a VB person so if anyone knows if this can be done or not I'll appreciate it. Another point of attack is being able to get their group membership from Access... I've used the function CurrentUser() which works fine.. but there isn't any CurrentGroup() function.. anyone got an idea how I could get what group they are in? Thanks
  10. Hi people Am currently designing a Access2k3 database with user/group permissions to access certain parts of the database.. for this I've designed to have different startup forms based on group membership.. however I noticed there is only a CurrentUser() function in VB and no CurrentGroup().. so to get around this I've populated a table with each username in the database and their group membership. So now the problem:- I want to run a query that will grab the currentuser() value and check the users table and see what the group is, I have no problems creating the SQL query I want to use to do this but I have no idea how you execute the query under VB and where the result will go.. the only experience I've got in doing this was with MySQL/PHP so any points with be great. Thanks Mike
  11. Hey, Certainly worked Was too happy that it was finally done to reply haha. Laters
  12. Hey Guys, Am using a Benq DC DW1670 Dual Layer Burner, I've also got another system I could use that is running Vista RC2 with a NEC ND-4570A Dual Layer Burner, both are running 80pin IDE cable, as for media am using Infiniti Professional DVD+R DL, I use their CDs both at home and work and didn't have an issue with them. Just to confirm.. I was running the trial version of Nero, using the Nero Burning Rom interface don't know whether the option is disabled on the trial or not... going to re-download it now and double check. **Update** Nero Lite rocks... the trial I downloaded was different :-/ Going to give it a try burning now Thanks guys
  13. Hey AMD64 Don't know if it is a typo but the variable for the root drive is %systemdrive%.. If you want a list of all the active variables type SET into cmd, hope that helps.
  14. Hey, Been searching the net for Dual Layer burning software and upto now I haven't found anything... except for "burn4free" that when complete issued me with a free coffee coaster! I've tried Nero and Roxio however neither support DualLayer, unfortunately I can't remember any other major DVD burning software companies, I know DVDtools for Linux can burning DVD DL however I don't really want to bring my box in to burn a DVD Any Suggestions are welcomed Thanks
  15. Hey, Thanks for the post. I've already seen that on Broadcom's website, I don't get a error line 21 in Setup.c anymore... however the driver is producing a STOP code of 0x000000BB which I can't seem to find a solution anywhere :-/, am sure someone must of had this NIC and got it to work successfully on RIS.
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