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  1. Norton Rant

    True that, but from what i can see, Vista looks nice, but i don't see anything that would really help the user, just more annoyances. Eh, maybe more work for my work.
  2. Norton Rant

    Actually i have used vista quite a lot, i am using it in class right now, because we have to know the differences in certain networking objectives, like setting it up for a domain and stuff. Have you seen the list of incompatibilities for vista, its gotten huge! Haha, yea i love the norton removal tool, it does do a good job. I don't know why it does not run its self when you "uninstall" norton.
  3. Norton Rant

    the thing i hate about norton, is its kind of like Microsoft Vista, looks nice, but its unstable, and not very compatible with other software.
  4. Norton Rant

    thats because you are only running the AV and its the 2005 ed, that was the start of getting bloated. If you were running NIS2005 it would be a very slow computer.
  5. Norton Rant

    Yes it is the best ever, we use it every day at work.
  6. Norton Rant

    yea it protects your system from preforming
  7. Norton Rant

    haha, yea thats for sure, there is a difference. I really wish they would make something decent for once..... the last time i had norton on my computer was in 2002, becuase after i tried to put 2003 on and it messed up my system, i never used it agian, hehe.
  8. Norton Rant

    Next time, go to Control Panel -> Security Center, look in the left pane and click on "Change the way Security Center alerts me", remove all three checkmarks and the customer will never be bothered with that again. Yes i know of that, however, this system is a client's system, and they are usually unintelligent, that if they don't have a box that yells at them when they don't have an antivirus protection, they won't get one. lol. So we leave all messages like this on.
  9. Norton Rant

    yea, we get a tone of those every week. We both fixed that one, lol.
  10. Norton Rant

    Haha. As an employee for the local computer shop, i know how bad norton is. It is really great when people come in with there computer saying norton killed their computer, and it turns out to be a bad hard drive. We usually reccommend install avast because its free, and does a good job. When the client hears free, and good job, they almost do a backflip. Just the other day, we had a client that was running the freedom package from Adelphia (yea i know, don't even get me started on that POS), the client was complaining that their system was really slow at downloading files, and they were on high speed. We took the system in, cleaned out spyware and a virus or two, and noticed that the freedom package was no longer working (go figure), so we had to uninstall it. Of course windows xp starts to complain that there is no antivirus software installed, which we can no longer reinstall because we are not connected to adelphia, and you have to be to install it. To test the internet connection we downloaded a 300mb file through our internal lan. We were getting 35kb/sec. This was aful, as usually we can do up to 5.83Mb/sec. Of course i would assume it could be a network card issue, but i wondered what kind of firewall was on the system at one point. So i searched the registry and found traces of norton. Once i found this, i quickly went to symantec.com/symnrt and ran the removel tool. After doing this, the computer ran faster, and i was able to pull the 5Mb/sec through our network. Once again, killing norton, fixed the computer.
  11. Need Batch file help, Please!

    There you go again. Lying to people. Neither of those commands can remove just one file from a sub directory or a group of files of the same type, like .xyz. XP uses Deltree.exe just fine. MS removed it from the list of external DOS commands in XP, but all you have to do it put it back. I clearly explained how to do that and where to get it. I do wish you'd read more carefully before you turn on the flames. Yous guys are always telling people to download this program or that program to do something, but when I say to acquire Deltree.exe to do a certain job, you flame me and basically call me a liar. You know....I'm really getting sick of it. Thousands of people worldwide are using Deltree.exe and my XPCleanup.bat program to keep their computers free of junk buildup with never the first problem. A shortcut to the batch file can even be put in the startup folder for a FREE cleanup on every boot. If you don't want to use Deltree.exe or a batch file to clean up your computer, then don't, but stop calling me a liar every time I try to answer someone's question. He asked how to write a batch file....not how to use Firefox or some other method to eliminate internet files. If you can't help with the man's question, then why not just remain silent.??? Andromeda43, No one is lying to anyone here. All Tarun was saying is there is no need for additional software when you can achieve the same thing with what you already have. People reccommend programs that help keep there systems clean, or running smoothly, and there is nothing wrong with that. However if you are making your own scipt, you don't need outside sources to make your software work if you can use what you already have. Oh and this is how you delete a single file in a directory called tmp "del tmp\file.txt" "del tmp/*.txt" will delete all .txt files