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  1. I've plugged into my laptop the LAN cable from my desktop computer and the Internet connection works for a few seconds, then in Vista becomes Local Access Only, then drops...then works again for a little bit and so on. From my laptop, I can't ping the default gateway ( router's interface ). I've set up the same IP information , hostname & MAC address as on the desktop computer on the laptop, but it doesn't work. A possible solution? The router is under ISP's administration.
  2. What is the difference between Domain local, Global, Universal Groups? Please provide some examples. How is a distribution group used by Exchange to send mail to all users from that group? Can a distribution group have an Exchange mailbox associated with it? But a security group?
  3. I meant Password Policy, which at the OU level affects only local users for the machines in the OU. What happens when assigning a GPO with a new password policy to DC container? Does this affect only the users who log on on the DC?
  4. What is the difference between linking a GPO with security settings for user accounts customized ( minimum pwd age, enforce pwd history ) to the Domain level, to Domain Controllers, to a particular OU?
  5. Something to trick the Windows' installer - to bypass that minimum requirement...( ex: like modifying RequiredMemory parameter in dosnet.inf & txtsetup.sif - Windows 2000/XP/2003 )
  6. Maybe it was a previous build...which doesn't care about the amount of RAM you have.
  7. I wanted to install Vista RC2 on a virtual machine using Virtual PC 2004. I receive an error - the installation cannot continue because I don't have at least 512MB - in the virtual machine. The maximum amount of memory I can assign to the virtual machine is 400MB, while the host's computer phyiscal memory is limited to 512MB. I also tried installing Vista using VMWare Workstation, which allows me to use 512MB or more for the virtual machine, but Vista's installer doesn't start - even after waiting a while. Is there any workaround for this situation - to trick the installer? I can't install more physical memory on the workstation, even the prices are very low.

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