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  1. yes you can, that's the whole point of the CABs What about for drivers? I know that I can do it as long as its an .inf file, but some of my drivers contains other files included with it, and others dont contain an .inf at file....they just have a setup.exe file. Thanks
  2. like BIRDS had previously stated, I can use something like nLite add-on maker to create a .cab for a program and use nLite to insert it in the HOTFIXES and UPDATES. Hopefully I can do that and not have to create the $OEM$ folder?....I want to verify with a couple of more responses from others before I do this. Thanks
  3. i was wondering if the $OEM% folder is required to run an unattended cd. I know that it copies the setup files to a hard drive first before it installs, but I dont want it to. I rather have it just install. For example, I want to install Aim, so can't I put it in C:\XPCD\install\Applications\AIM\.......instead of C:\XPCD\\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\AIM\ ??? Will that install correctly? Thanks
  4. nevermind, sorry. My dumbass entered a wrong letter in WINNT.SIF. Sorry about that. Mods can CLOSE this thread.
  5. i have a problem regarding the key for my MCE. This product key is from my own retailed computer; no crack. Anyways, before I nLited MCE, I tested my MCE cd to see if the key works, and obviously it does. However, after making an unattended CD, I tested it with virtual machine and when it was done installing, it got to the product key menu and it says that my product key is invalid? Thanks
  6. is there any way that I can just retrieve my product key using a blah blah program and use that key on a OS that I downloaded from whatever site?
  7. is there any way to just download a copy of WINDOWS XP PRO and use that for nLite or does it require the actual genuine windows cd?
  8. nothing came with my computer. I have a SONY VGC-RB50 with WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER 2005. I bought it brand new so there's no chance of the items being lost by a private seller. The only CD's I have is the backup cds. One is the SYSTEM RECOVERY and the other is RECOVERY MEDIA KIT. Anyone know a way around this? What if I download a cracked OS version of WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER of WINDOWS PRO with a working key? Will that work? Thanks
  9. hi...noob here and this is my first time trying to customize my own cd...well here's my problem...i have windows media center sp2 but it doesnt come with an OS CD...when I bought my computer, it started right up without any cd and it asked me to backup 2 CD. One was a RECOVERY MEDIA KIT CD (contains applications for windows) and the other was SYSTEM RECOVERY CD. I am not sure which CD is the OS one but I assume its the RECOVERY MEDIA KIT, so when I started nLite and directed the "Windows installation" to the cd, a box shows up saying "Make sure the selected folder or drive contains 'i386'... but I do have a i386 folder on the cd...What's the deal?...sorry for the long description...thanks

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