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  1. Hi guys... its my first time to encounter this problem after i installed an unattended windows xp... on the first week of using the computer it works fine but one day i encounter this error after login on windows xp it has an error with no msg only a YES NO button ang X icon....i put a registry tweak on the computer on which telling me what the computer is doing while logging in or shutdown... any ideas how to fix this problem? cause after i hit YES or NO it just automatically goes back to the login screen... i try to do a diagnostic test on SAFE MODE but the problem is still there during NORMAL MODE...
  2. Thanks a lot for the replies guys... This could be very helpful... Nice avatar MGadAllah but recently i transfer to firefox from opera aehehehe....
  3. Thats nice... been looking for some registry tweaks... Sorry for being asking a noob question... Where could i find the attachment or download link?

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