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  1. Hello, thanks for the interesting thread! I have been trying to install XP on my notebook using this method: I have been trying to install XP on my notebook (already running Vista on the first partition) via PE 2.0, using the same method mentioned here: 1 Boot WinPE with regfix applied 2 diskpart second partition for XP, making it active 3 bootsect /nt52 4 winnt32 /dudisable /syspart:D /tempdrive:D /makelocalsource 5 Reboot Now I am able to boot the XP partition (text setup starts), but I'm getting an error: 'INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing' This file is not missing as it is present on the root of the XP partition. What could be the problem? I was thinking of two options: A) I didn't run winnt32 with the /s: switch because I got an error (source invalid). B) Missing SATA drivers? I have an ICH9M chipset and I integrated the TXT and PNP drivers in the XP install.
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