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  1. Yep this is what I was going to suggest. You may have encountered malicious code that updated this file. Your computer looks here before going out to any DNS server. So when you type in "google.com" this file can send you somewhere completely different. I live in the US not saudi arabia, or wherever that thing came from, I think I have been hacked, so I reformatted and put vista in.
  2. Im running server 2k3 with sp1, and I keep getting Access to the requested URL is not allowed! when I go to some of my fav websites like the pirate bay and other s*** like that. Why in the f*** am I getting that s***? Some kind of spyware/trojan? I don't have anything like that downloaded on my computer, Im the only one who uses it. WTF?? It also has s*** written in arabic around the message. Then it has a link, url unblocking request. Which takes me here: http://www.isu.net.sa/saudi-internet/conte...-requist-ar.htm It also blocked me from going to tinyurl.com to make the link shorter, lol.
  3. just go to and download a torrent for it.
  4. I can't get it to work, I turned the onboard s*** off, but it still doesn't work. Maybe it's faulty, and i'll just send it back, and get new one.
  5. I have been using a BFG 5500 OC 256mb until I decided to upgrade to 5700 LE 128m, until I can save up enough money to buy new m/b with pci-e graphics, but until then, when I try to install my new card, it just shows a blank black screen during startup, and, so I uninstalled drivers, and then put card in, doesn't work. Put in another pci slot, and it works, but when I install the nvidia new drivers from ngohq, it tells me to restart ofcourse, well when I do restart, black screen comes up, and the only way for me to use comp, is to plug my monitor in s***ty onboard graphics that came with my s***ty Dell Dimension 3000. I have even popped the **** battery out for a few minutes and popped it back in, and still no help. Is there anything else I can do? Should I try using regular drivers for my Nvidia card instead of the Optimized NGO graphics driver?
  6. How do I install Windows Media Player 11 on 2003?
  7. I downloaded bittorrent and bittornado both, but neither one will open up when i double click them. Does anyone think maybe i have some services turned off that is keeping it from working or what? I don't seem to understand what the problem is. They don't open when I double click. Bittornado does however bring this log up: Arguments are: --max_uploads <arg> the maximum number of uploads to allow at once. (defaults to 7) --keepalive_interval <arg> number of seconds to pause between sending keepalives (defaults to 120.0) --download_slice_size <arg> How many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384) --upload_unit_size <arg> when limiting upload rate, how many bytes to send at a time (defaults to 1460) --request_backlog <arg> maximum number of requests to keep in a single pipe at once. (defaults to 10) --max_message_length <arg> maximum length prefix encoding you'll accept over the wire - larger values get the connection dropped. (defaults to 8388608) --ip <arg> ip to report you have to the tracker. (defaults to '') --minport <arg> minimum port to listen on, counts up if unavailable (defaults to 10000) --maxport <arg> maximum port to listen on (defaults to 60000) --random_port <arg> whether to choose randomly inside the port range instead of counting up linearly (defaults to 1) --responsefile <arg> file the server response was stored in, alternative to url (defaults to '') --url <arg> url to get file from, alternative to responsefile (defaults to '') --selector_enabled <arg> whether to enable the file selector and fast resume function (defaults to 1) --expire_cache_data <arg> the number of days after which you wish to expire old cache data (0 = disabled) (defaults to 10) --priority <arg> a list of file priorities separated by commas, must be one per file, 0 = highest, 1 = normal, 2 = lowest, -1 = download disabled (defaults to '') --saveas <arg> local file name to save the file as, null indicates query user (defaults to '') --timeout <arg> time to wait between closing sockets which nothing has been received on (defaults to 300.0) --timeout_check_interval <arg> time to wait between checking if any connections have timed out (defaults to 60.0) --max_slice_length <arg> maximum length slice to send to peers, larger requests are ignored (defaults to 131072) --max_rate_period <arg> maximum amount of time to guess the current rate estimate represents (defaults to 20.0) --bind <arg> comma-separated list of ips/hostnames to bind to locally (defaults to '') --ipv6_enabled <arg> allow the client to connect to peers via IPv6 (defaults to 0) --ipv6_binds_v4 <arg> set if an IPv6 server socket won't also field IPv4 connections (defaults to 1) --upnp_nat_access <arg> attempt to autoconfigure a UPnP router to forward a server port (0 = disabled, 1 = mode 1 [fast], 2 = mode 2 [slow]) (defaults to 1) --upload_rate_fudge <arg> time equivalent of writing to kernel-level TCP buffer, for rate adjustment (defaults to 5.0) --tcp_ack_fudge <arg> how much TCP ACK download overhead to add to upload rate calculations (0 = disabled) (defaults to 0.029999999999999999) --display_interval <arg> time between updates of displayed information (defaults to 0.5) --rerequest_interval <arg> time to wait between requesting more peers (defaults to 300) --min_peers <arg> minimum number of peers to not do rerequesting (defaults to 20) --http_timeout <arg> number of seconds to wait before assuming that an http connection has timed out (defaults to 60) --max_initiate <arg> number of peers at which to stop initiating new connections (defaults to 40) --check_hashes <arg> whether to check hashes on disk (defaults to 1) --max_upload_rate <arg> maximum kB/s to upload at (0 = no limit, -1 = automatic) (defaults to 0) --max_download_rate <arg> maximum kB/s to download at (0 = no limit) (defaults to 0) --alloc_type <arg> allocation type (may be normal, background, pre-allocate or sparse) (defaults to 'normal') --alloc_rate <arg> rate (in MiB/s) to allocate space at using background allocation (defaults to 2.0) --buffer_reads <arg> whether to buffer disk reads (defaults to 1) --write_buffer_size <arg> the maximum amount of space to use for buffering disk writes (in megabytes, 0 = disabled) (defaults to 4) --breakup_seed_bitfield <arg> sends an incomplete bitfield and then fills with have messages, in order to get around stupid ISP manipulation (defaults to 1) --snub_time <arg> seconds to wait for data to come in over a connection before assuming it's semi-permanently choked (defaults to 30.0) --spew <arg> whether to display diagnostic info to stdout (defaults to 0) --rarest_first_cutoff <arg> number of downloads at which to switch from random to rarest first (defaults to 2) --rarest_first_priority_cutoff <arg> the number of peers which need to have a piece before other partials take priority over rarest first (defaults to 5) --min_uploads <arg> the number of uploads to fill out to with extra optimistic unchokes (defaults to 4) --max_files_open <arg> the maximum number of files to keep open at a time, 0 means no limit (defaults to 50) --round_robin_period <arg> the number of seconds between the client's switching upload targets (defaults to 30) --super_seeder <arg> whether to use special upload-efficiency-maximizing routines (only for dedicated seeds) (defaults to 0) --security <arg> whether to enable extra security features intended to prevent abuse (defaults to 1) --max_connections <arg> the absolute maximum number of peers to connect with (0 = no limit) (defaults to 0) --auto_kick <arg> whether to allow the client to automatically kick/ban peers that send bad data (defaults to 1) --double_check <arg> whether to double-check data being written to the disk for errors (may increase CPU load) (defaults to 1) --triple_check <arg> whether to thoroughly check data being written to the disk (may slow disk access) (defaults to 0) --lock_files <arg> whether to lock files the client is working with (defaults to 1) --lock_while_reading <arg> whether to lock access to files being read (defaults to 0) --auto_flush <arg> minutes between automatic flushes to disk (0 = disabled) (defaults to 0) --dedicated_seed_id <arg> code to send to tracker identifying as a dedicated seed (defaults to '') --win32_taskbar_icon <arg> whether to iconize do system try or not on win32 (defaults to 1) --gui_stretchwindow <arg> whether to stretch the download status window to fit the torrent name (defaults to 0) --gui_displaystats <arg> whether to display statistics on peers and seeds (defaults to 1) --gui_displaymiscstats <arg> whether to display miscellaneous other statistics (defaults to 1) --gui_ratesettingsdefault <arg> the default setting for maximum upload rate and users (defaults to 'automatic') --gui_ratesettingsmode <arg> what rate setting controls to display; options are 'none', 'basic', and 'full' (defaults to 'full') --gui_forcegreenonfirewall <arg> forces the status icon to be green even if the client seems to be firewalled (defaults to 0) --gui_default_savedir <arg> default save directory (defaults to '') --last_saved <arg> where the last torrent was saved (defaults to '') --gui_font <arg> the font size to use (defaults to 9) --gui_saveas_ask <arg> whether to ask where to download to (0 = never, 1 = always, -1 = automatic resume (defaults to -1) --gui_checkingcolor <arg> progress bar checking color (defaults to '80 80 80') --gui_downloadcolor <arg> progress bar downloading color (defaults to '0a 24 6a') --gui_seedingcolor <arg> progress bar seeding color (defaults to '00 FF 00') I dont sknow exactly what to make of it, but some help would be very appreciative, thanks:)
  8. I know in windows ofcourse its msconfig, but how do i get to the linux mandriva 2006 powerpack editon startup configuration utility?
  9. I did ask them, and all they tell me to do is re-download it. I do, but it keeps doing the same thing.
  10. I have a program called Unlimited-Background Checks, and everytime I try to open it, a message comes up and says, Please go to website, and update program, and then automatically closes. So when I do, and login, and download the new version of the program, I still get the same message. What's wrong? I downloaded the new version, like it tells me to, and still wont let me use it.
  11. My onboard intel pro/100 ve adapters are having slow browsing and downloading problems!! I only download at around 1-5kb's but then it will lose connection with download site. i have 100mb dsl(well i think anyways.)
  12. Also, I even downloaded the patch from microsoft, still didn't fix it. Maybe I downloaded wrong 1.
  13. I cant find a patch or fix for that stupid NT Authority\System Shutdown with the 60 sec. timer for W2k3. I downloaded microsofts and norton symantec programs to get rid of the blaster worm, but it says no virus/worm detected. So what should i do to get rid of it?
  14. Well, I went to Dell.com and downloaded the bios, but it's the same version. It's actually an older version of the bios, I don't think dell has upgraded yet. Maybe if I can find the manufacturer and the version of the bios I can find a recent update for it.
  15. How do I detect who my BIOS manufacturer is and the version?
  16. Yes it is dual-channel ram. I talked to Dell on the phone about it, and they told me to try and clear the vram and reseat the processor and the ram should work. I cleared the vram, but I haven't tried reseating the processor just because I still won't think it will work.
  17. I bought a ATI 9250 256mb PCI graphics card today, and uninstalled the Intel Extreme 2 intergrated Graphics from the add/remove programs files and disabled it, but it keeps reinstalling!! How do I get rid of this?
  18. I know for a fact it's windows xp. I also know that my mb supports pc3200 ddr memory.
  19. Just the 1gb. No I have recently bought a ATI Radeon 9250 256mb PCI grfx card.
  20. OK, I found it how much my ram is under my computer properties, i found where it was but it says 0.99gb of ram.
  21. No, I know it's XP. But I think Ill take the 512 out and then see what happens, and then put it back in. It is XP though.
  22. No, I have a Dell, and when it starts up it doesn't show the amount of memory, nor does it show the amount of memory when I right click on my computer and click on properties.
  23. I two ram slots. 1gb on the first, and 512 on the second. But I had bought a stick of 1gb pc3200 400mghz but winxp only detects 512 of it when i should have 1.5 in all.

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