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    some questions

    1) In Unattended>Regional>Language Groups I think 2) In Unattended>Network Settings 3) I use Powertoys For Windows XP (TweakUI XP) Desktop>First Icon 4) Not sure what you mean 1) if i choose a none english keyboard, ill still have both the none english and english langauges? 2) ive tried that, but those setting ive made doesnt seem to exist when setup if finished. 3) i want to make is automatically so i wont have to install powertoys. 4) i ment for the quick launch on the task bar on the cd itself ofcourse.
  2. JackX

    some questions

    some final things id like to change, if u could help me it would be great: how do i add a language do keyboard? and how do i set my net configurations? is there any way to change is that "my computer" would be first icon? also, there is anyway to edit the quick launch icons?
  3. i couldnt find options for the following, hope u could help me find em: first icon on desktop quick luanch Classic control panel i also would like to insert a dial up, is that possible?
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