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  1. THX for the response, as for the warez, np i understand lol. My main concern is the pre-activation As for the Pre-Activation: Theretically wouldnt the OEMBIOS files still work for homebuilt/Mom&Pop brands? Wouldnt the activation and cdkey information just transfer over to the target PC? Or do the OEMBIOS files somehow link to a check that looks into another file for "Dell" or "Acer"? And on this and other forums ive heard of something called a WPA check is that what checks a certain file for the brand? Assuming iam right then one would have to dive into the code of the WPA check program or operation and remove the check for the brand. I dont know if this now what i have brought up is considered "hacking" on this site, but i dont mean to put it that way.
  2. Hey ive read almost every post in this topic, but didnt see an answer to my problem, or im just blind, lol. - I built my own computer - I presume I have a "Hacked" CD of Win XP Pro since the Windows Genuine Validation reports to me as having an illegal or pirated CD key when i update windows to a cetain point. - At that point i cannot get any more updates as i have an "Illegal" copy Would i be able to get the OEMBIOS files from another computer and use them with my "hacked" cd to get : - Preactivated install - Clean install without the Windows Genuine Validation reporting me having an illegal or pirated CD key If so, what computer should i use to get the OEMBIOS files from? A computer made by Dell, HP, Acer etc... Or, a computer with an OEM CD, also custom built... Or, a combination of both? And lastly would this cd that i create be able to be used on ANY computer i install it on, and would it work correctly on all different computers? My main concern is for it to work on custom built PC's, not so much PC's from Dell, Acer, HP etc. Sry for the long post, but thanks so much for any help i get that leads to the solving of my issue