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  1. Multiple. File. Support.

    and maybe a graphical process bar.

    Multiple File Support is the major change coming in 1.7, last I knew, and will require major restructuring of the code. However, I'm confident nitro will figure it out, he always does.

    Visible progress bars would be nice, but I think it would be difficult because many of the extraction programs used do not supply much progress information. It could be added to those that do supply progress.

    A compromise could be to have the output from the command windows piped directly into a single UniExtract dialog, thus simplifying it to only one visible window with all the relevant extraction information. (I believe this was mentioned somewhere in the UE 1.5 thread.)

  2. What version of AutoIt are you using?
    I am using the newest version,
    Can you try compiling with and let me know if that works?
    Rolled back and compiled with and it had no problems.

    Thanks for the clarification! :thumbup

    Also, to make it compatible with the newest version, it also needs:

    #include <ComboConstants.au3>

    and possibly:

    #include <StaticConstants.au3>

  3. There seems to be an error in the source archive, more specifically I am unable to compile a working binary.

    Even when starting with the unmodified source, I get this error:


    A quick Google search for WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES, tells me to insert:

    #include <WindowsConstants.au3>

    in with the other #include entries.

    After that I get a working source, and can then enter my own tweaks (thanks to your new /prefs code I have my /sub code down to 11 lines!). :thumbup

    PS. Your link to the "Latest Version" thread, in the UE 1.5 thread, is broken.

  4. Crap. I was able to confirm that this is exactly what's happening by simply adding another checkbox to the window, but I have no idea how to actually fix it. Just getting the custom dialog in the first place was difficult enough. :-( I'll mess around with it and see if I can make it work, but worse case this may be pushed off until 1.7.

    Thanks for reporting this, though. Obviously this is something that needs to be fixed, though it's impact right now is fairly minimal.

    Maybe a dirty little trick would be to add an empty text label at the bottom? :sneaky:

    Also, I found a bug with with the main program. If the /prefs switch is used, and the user closes the window without pressing 'OK', UniExtract sets idle in the system tray until the user manually closes it.

  5. I can't replicate this. What version of Windows are you using, and what theme? Maybe it's a font size problem. Any chance you could provide a screenshot?

    Vista Home Premium SP1, default Aero theme, default font size. It looks like the separator line is covering up the box and part of the text. Maybe just add some extra buffer space?

    I don't really disagree with you, but when people use the term "portable" today they're usually referring to running apps off of some type of portable solid state device. Since these devices have a finite number of write cycles, I thought it better to write the debug files out to the %temp% directory on the main hard drive.
    Well, I'm used to thinking to the extreme, a 'truly portable' program leaves no remnants on the host computer.
    Perhaps a better approach would be to make debug files themselves optional? Eg., if running in portable mode, just don't create any debug files at all.
    Making debug files optional would be great, have an option in the preferences to enable/disable debug files?
  6. As you requested in the 'main' thread:


    On the 5th screen, "Set Program Options", the bottom row of pixels on the "Warn before executing files" check box has been cut off.


    No problems here, installed without issue!


    In order for it to be considered 'truly portable' it should place debug files inside the UniExtract directory by default.


    I went through a handful of archives and it had no problem extracting them all.

    I'll add more as I find them.

    Can't wait for the final!

  7. Welcome to the forum Ethernety!

    I would suggest that you reinstall UniExtract and pay close attention to the 4th page of the installer "Select Additional Tasks", it may be necessary that you select "Force association with all supported archive formats" (In French: "Forcer l'association avec tous les formats d'archives")

  8. @Hanschke

    1.6 is not dead, Nitro has his own stuff to do and will release it whenever he it satisfied with it.


    You should not update the TrIDDefs file. In an earlier post Nitro said he had heavily modified it and advised against replacing it.

    It should be okay to update the PEiD executable, as long as you do not replace userdb.txt (custom PEiD signatures).

    A quick search finds no Hebrew translation yet. To make one, open the English.ini in the UniExtract folder and follow the instructions in the top section.

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