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  1. Thanks for the info; seems like it worked for me as well (at least so far... ).
  2. It's that time of year month again; the Windows box needs a wipe. From your experience, guys, can the current beta be considered safe or should I go back to v1.3.5?
  3. Quick question: Has the "Remember each folder's view setting" been removed from v1.3 (RC2)? I couldn't find it in the respective section...
  4. Thanks for the response, piXelatedEmpire! So I should rather use 1.3 RC2 than 1.2.1 final? I'll take your word for it then.And maybe I'm lucky and 1.3 final is released over the weekend...
  5. What's the general consensus on v1.3 RC2; is it stable enough for productive use? Also, if there are any stability issues, they will most likely come up during the installation, right? (I don't wanna end up having some mysterious problems further down the line... ) I'm asking because my laptop just broke down, and I urgently need to re-install it - so I'm wondering whether to use v1.2.1 or v1.3 RC2 now...
  6. Okay, let's all stop the hate here. While it might be a bit odd to bump a sticky thread, the original question was a fair one to ask - especially since he mentioned that he understands the voluntary/free nature of nLite. In fact, I have been wondering myself when v1.3 will be out (especially since the RC2 news said the final version "should not take long", which was about a month ago )...
  7. Yeah, I kinda expected an answer like this - but you'll understand that I still had to ask... Thanks for the info, Nuhi! I guess I'll just wait for the final then; another two or three weeks won't kill me, I guess.
  8. Hey there, I desperately need to re-install Windows XP Pro on my box. Before I do so, I do of course want to create a customized install CD with all the latest security patches and stuff. However, I just noticed that the release candidate for nLite v1.2 has been released already - so v1.2 final probably isn't too far off now. Thus I wonder whether the changes in v1.2 warrant the wait for the final release. (I guess it'd be stupid to create a customized install CD with nLite v1.0 when v1.2 is only a few days away) And if so, when can I expect the final release of v1.2? (I realize that's a when-it's-done issue, but I just need a rough estimate, as in "days, weeks, or months"... ) I'd greatly appreciate some advice!
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