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  1. Thanks, it works! Game performance increased to about 700%
  2. Ain't it fine ? I have one (from 99?) and if I remember correctly, drivers written after those of XP are just for more cards, but do not change anything to the TNT2. Not quite true. For game performance, especially for OpenGL, nvidia's own drivers are much better.
  3. I thought the problem might exist because I have nLite version of XP with lots of stuff removed. After installing XP the TNT2 drivers provided by Microsoft were installed correctly and are fully functional. But I can't install the manufacturer's drivers from Nvidia's website. Setup tells me there are no drivers for current hardware. If I manually force to install TNT2 drivers from the package's inf-files the computer starts with safe-mode and thus I must rollback the previous Microsoft drivers.
  4. Correct, installing IE7 RC1 solves the problem completely. Unfortunately my computer is a dinosaur and IE6 is the fastest browser available.
  5. If you meant following: regsvr32 /u shdocvw.dll regsvr32 shdocvw.dll it didn't succeed.
  6. So, I removed KB924496 and IE works fine. But after reinstalling updates the problem presents again.
  7. Hei Using nlite, I have modified XP SP2 install disc and removed a lot of services and windows components. Still all was working fine until this weeks microsoft update. After that IE6 doesn't open any new window. Not automatically for certain pages, but not even when chosing "Open in new window". Any idea what I did wrong? Before the update, IE6 done well!

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