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  1. So, anybody still out there? I still haven't got an answer. (or am I asking something terribly noobish?)
  2. Actually, I asking whether I should keep the files or not, on WFP popups. May I deduce correcly from your answers to disable WFP that ignoring the warnings is what should be done? Because so far when installing drivers, I've chosen to the restore original files. Or isn't there any difference in the two?
  3. Hi. I've installed an nlited installation (nlite 1.0 and Windows XP 64bit ) and I get Windows File Protection popups when installing drivers. I'd like to know a little more about what and why it's happening, and specially what should I do. Cancel to leave the current files, or insert the CD to restore the files? I don't even know which files he tries to restore so I have no ideia what to do. (The drivers so far apparently installed ok with WFP restore, but I want to know for sure) Thx in advance.
  4. Hi. I've just installed an nLite'd Windows XP 64bit installation, with the Windows Media Player components removed (the "Windows Media Player" and "Windows Media Player 6.4" components), but with the option to "keep Windows Media Player compatiblity" enabled, so that I could install a future WMP version. So now I tried to download WMP 10 and WMP 11 beta, but those installers fail because they say they are for the 32-bit version only. So now I am left without the ability to play WMV files, much less to view WM streams on webpages. What's can I do? Should I reinstall windows with WMP enabled?

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