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  1. Thank you, and I agree. As a reseller I was shocked to discover we were selling PC's with this crap embedded in it. Fortunately our system builder caught it immediately. We'll no longer be carrying LG drives until they discontinue this practice, and perhaps will being carrying an alternative. This is a disgusting practice and I'm really disappointed in LG.
  2. Give warning for x64, removing AMD CPU w/Intel CPU

    While it should be intelligently assumed that removing this might cause a problem since XP x64 was developed directly for AMD x64 CPU's, I wouldn't have written that if I was just guessing. No, what happens is you end up with at least one bang in device manager for the missing driver for your Intel CPU. I've verified this with both a QX6700 and a couple quad xeons. I have zero idea if this will give you a performance detriment or if it's simply a minor annoyance. If you remove AMD CPU, your Intel CPU won't have a driver in Windows. Therefore, rationally, that feature should have a warning to the user that this might be the case.
  3. If you remove AMD CPU when nliting your Windows XP x64 it will cause issues on an Intel based system, since those bits are needed for x64 Windows in general regardless of what CPU you have. It would be "smart" if the ability to remove AMD CPU was not allowed whatsoever for XP x64.
  4. tffsport.sys problem

    Sorry to necro an old post but there is definitely a bug in nLite that's causing the textmode portion of install to fail on Windows 2000 that still exists in the latest 1.3 release. I have a stock install created from an original Windows 2000 Professional SP4 OEM disc with a number of components removed and a number of tweaks checked that's causing an issue with this file. I recreated my disc, manually with new source / settings twice and it was reproduced. I tested in a virtualizer so it's not a media issue. I also attempted to manually inject the tffsport.sys file back into my WinLite.iso but that has no effect - install still gives the error. Since it seems counterproductive to try to isolate what's causing this as I'd spend more time trying to fix the problem than I would have saved nliting my install, I thought I'd post here in case anyone cared to know, or if someone googled this in the future (like I did).
  5. A good guy on IRC pointed out RyanVM has switchless installers: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3306
  6. Installed IE7 Silently Successfully

    The pack supplied above does not work in an unattended installation scenario without validation. Are extra switches required?
  7. Obviously you don't have a grasp on what's being discussed or it's over your head. His issue doesn't have anything to do with pirating and has to do with validating the install during an unattended installation, which people are having a problem with all over the net including official Microsoft forums. I am also unable to utilize the /integrate switch or find a way to install IE7 unattended into my OPK preinstall as it requires your computer to be prevalidated. Quiet or passive installs work fine if the system is validated.
  8. Installed IE7 Silently Successfully

    Can you explain how you made your own and combined it into this file? Is there any way to make your own using the flat method with IEAK?