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  1. logoga.png

    Hi guys,

    Windows Projects Community is very proud to present, the first and the only universal patcher for forcing Aero transparency - Windows TransForce UI!


    The current version is: 0.0.14 UI

    Windows TransForce UI will enable users using Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Basic to force transparency on various visual styles.


  2. I would kindly ask if you can resolve the problem reported by minutka15 With regard the installation silent.

    Then I found another problem with the TrueTrasparency while closing some applications.


    Thank you

    Silent install will be fixed in v3 and as for TrueTransparency, you'll have to ask the authors, we just bundle it with Vistapack.

  3. Does it install at all? Does it patch the system before displaying that message?

    Yes man, it was all and fully installed, but on end this error always was displayed.For wich reason i don't know.

    It's a minor mistake in the script. It's ok if it gets installed. We'll surely fix it for v3.

  4. Hi to all!

    I have just one question about Vistapack-XP v2.6, when i install this pack silently using command

    "Vistapack-XP2.6.exe /S" and after installation always coming this message.2r6pd6r.jpg

    Can somebody explane me how can i install this pack correctly whitout this error?

    I prefere to use vistapack on T13 or T12. Sure it's possible to kill this message with script AutoIt but this is not good solution.

    Does it install at all? Does it patch the system before displaying that message?

  5. The conscription will end when we get 10 testers, or on 10th of June, whichever comes first. We already have 4 testers, so hurry if you want to test Vistapack 3 during development.

    Important: Testing includes both Windows 2000 and Windows XP versions, so you can test on both versions. You DON'T have to test in a live environment, meaning you can use VMs. Check for details in the official topic @ Windows Projects Community:

    Become a tester for Vistapack 3

  6. I intend to try SH95UPD with Windows 95. Looking forward to doing so. :)

    In the future, would it be possible to implement the USER32.DLL function MonitorFromRect? Doing so would allow the wonderful Quintessential Media Player version 5 (latest) to work in Windows 95:


    This function exists already in Windows 98. I realise that you are not focused on providing a Shell update for Windows 95, and I'm not sure about all the implications of what I'm asking for Windows 98/98 SE/ME, but like Advanced User I'd really love to see a KernelEx for Windows 95.

    I'm far from expert when it comes to Windows 95, but isn't this function included with the new shell that comes after installing Desktop Update (Internet Explorer 4)?

  7. I have a problem with Opera and some other applications where I can't use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C when I select some Cyrillic keyboards are selected, like Serbian and Russian.

    Windows 98 FE

    Kernel 4.0 rc2

    There is a problem with Serbian Cyrillic (and Russian) keyboard in some programs:

    1. in Opera (9.62, 9.24) keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste (ctrl x, ctrl c, ctrl v) dont work when keyboard is set to Serbian cyrillic (works with original kernel).

    2. in text editor AkelPad 4.2.2 when keyboard is set to Serbian cyrillic it dont type cyrillic characters (works with original kernel). In some other text editors (BDV notepad, Notetab light, Notepad, Wordpad) Serbian keyboard works fine.

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