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  1. RIS installation hangs

    Hey, after a load of testing, still no luck. confirm my first post the article: 319111 ive tried to update the videoprt.sys file from a 2004 version, but it made no difference. The dirty sollution from ms: to swap the vga card also didn't do the trick (tried 3, from a simple s3 card to a geforce2) and i tried the last tip from ctrl-x, to rule out the NTLDR could be causing the problem, but it still wont go. after booting from PXE, setup will copy the files, once that finished, i get the message: Setup is starting windows. and thats it, the system totally hangs. im pulling my hair out here! anyone got any idea what could be causing this/how to fix this? thnx a mil!! sponder. hey a quick update: if i leave the client running, after a good 15 minutes i get a bluescreen with the message: process1_initialization_failed does this ring any bells? thnx sponder.
  2. RIS installation hangs

    thanks for the info! will try it out first thing!
  3. Hi, im new to this forum, but i must say, ive read a load of threads about RIS on this forum, and found the info invaluable!! soo on forehand thanks!! right, my problem: ive have a windows 2000 server with RIS, and a clean WinXP SP2 image which i want to use with a Nforce2 mainboard (as a client). first i ran in to the same driver problems as most people do, which i managed to solve due to this board. (the "windows was unable to locate NIC drivers" issue) after solving this, i saw the "setup starting" message, and i let out a big WHOHOO!! but that was a bit too fast.. i now have the problem that the system hangs right after the "starting windows" message. The problem is well described here: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=319111 ive downloaded a bios update which i will try tonight, to see if it helps, but i wanted to ask you guys first if there is anything alse i should keep in mind? (cause the work-around from ms: to temp. replace the vga adaptor is not really feasable here..) Thanks! Sponder.