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  1. Same thing happened to me. See my earlier post on page 1.
  2. RC does not crash like the beta but I still have problems with the ISO when I go to burn everything is fine, but when I reinsert the CD it shows a $OEM$ folder and I have that disabled. When I "click" the $OEM$ folder it trys to search for files but never finds any. Knapp_1.ini
  3. I have sucessfully integrated net 2.0. I have discovered that it does not matter when adding on .net 2.0 if you remove the .net folders or if you decide to leave them. I am refering to the Dotnetfx folder and the .net folder within the compnts folder. I am continueing to have diffulty burning my ISO to a CD. On one laptop the ISO kept disapearing, even after I downloaded the silent update. An another laptop I downloaded a fresh copy of Nlite 1.2 Beta and still have a silimar issue. See attached image.
  4. I assume it replaces the whole thing. And have you any testing with .net 2.0?
  5. You answered another question of mine about the sfc. Okay now, actually you mentioned some of the exact things I add....namely powercalc. Should I remove the normal windows calc and then go back and add power calc in a seperate run? I always get a replace message when I thought the orginal was already removed-ofcourse this may be related to the sfc. I think it would be nice in future versions if you could chooose when things were added. I still think nlite is one of the best piece of software written. Also does it matter in what order you add things? I always try to do major updates first- like net 2.0 and ryanvm pack. edit- When I add net 2.0 from here www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t75109.html (maybe this is not the newest one) along with the other addons and then run nLite again and select from component-operating system options-remove .net framework, am I removing the old .net or the new .net 2.0 that I just added? It appears that the .net in the DONETFX folder remains the same but the cab file in the cmpnents/netfx has as different creation time which leads me to ask this question. So basically I am wondering if I am just removing what I have already integrated.
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