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  1. I am trying to setup the drives for the Dell precision 690 SAS 5lir drivers. The details are below. I have also included the dell drivers as an attachment. I am not sure what numbers to use for the files... How do I determine all of the correct options? See my details below. Once I maded the changes to the system to my txtsetup.sif I get a windows stop error when it starts to load windows. Prior to the change I was getting an error saying no hard disk found. eg... The drivers oemsetup.txt has the following: [Files.scsi.DELL_SAS_5X] (I copied the sys inf and cat files to the i386) driver = d1,symmpi.sys,SYMMPI inf = d1,symmpi.inf inf = d1,delpseud.inf catalog = d1,mpixp32.cat so I added the following to [sourceDisksFiles] (I am not sure how or what options I select here. Again the drivers are uncompressed and are sitting in the I386 directory. Note I also have the drivers in my $oem$ so once out of text mode Windows can install the correct driver. symmpi.sys = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 symmpi.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 delpseud.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 delpseud.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 and I added the list below to [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_1F041028, "symmpi" PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_1F061028, "symmpi" PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_1F071028, "symmpi" PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_1F081028, "symmpi" PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_1F091028, "symmpi" I added the following to [sCSI.Load] symmpi = symmpi.sys,4 Under [sCSI] I added symmpi = "DELL PERC5 RAID Controller Driver (Windows XP)" but I also see symmpi = "LSI Logic PCI Fibre Channel Host Adapter"
  2. Thanks for the file but that post seems to limit it to the one SATA controller. I was hoping to get the one that was posted ealier that has a bunch of controller listed.
  3. Can you re-post your zip... it is no longer available. Thanks -D
  4. Actually I found blog that helps to address this type of issue: http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/bart.../01/06/544.aspx Hopefully it is helpful to others.
  5. Try using this in your SIF file: ComputerName=%MACHINENAME% Then when using RIS choose custom install then you can type in your computers name. -D
  6. If an image was created on a drive of 75GB but only uses 9GB is there a way I can modify the image size after creation so it will install on a smaller drive? Possibly changing a value in the bootcode.dat file? -d
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