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  1. Running XP Pro 64. My printer works fine. However, on every startup the "Found New Hardware Wizaed" box appears re my printer (or it may be something else). Is there any way to disable this? Also, how can I remeove the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon/facility from the taskbar. And finally, I use Excel '97 and 2002. Whenever I save a '97 file, the message "This file was created using a later version", etc appears. Can I disable this? Thank you for any advice. Grant.
  2. This is one I can never work out. If I want to remove a component the Windows Components Wizard Appears. This says "To add or remove a component, click the checkbox. I'm looking at this and , for example, I want to remove Windows Messenger. The box is blank. If I tick this, will it be removed or added? Now, a couple of items are ticked which are already installed - Windows Media Player, etc. Other already installed programmes are not ticked. So if I tick items, will they be removed with the already ticked items, or do I need to untick ticked items to prevent removal? A nightmare. Thank you for anu advice. Grant.

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