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  1. I have a website, and I like to develop on a test website. Now I'm moving my things all around and remaking my network setup, not sure if this quetsion poses a functional possibilty of it's just simply astheics. my webdonmain , http://ultimazerosector.com , nowin my network i want people to be able to type in that address and go to that address (currectly using SME server and squid gets in the way). I'd also like ti to be that address with /testsector ... for the test site only on intranet, also maybe other intranet and test sites for development. What would I have to do to get IIS to do that? I have 2 sites comeing from one cpu but accessing them in the network is a pane. Half way sleep , hope those are close enough to senteces. Thank You Trey
  2. Hi, I am new to these forums but I'm going to try to give as much info as possible so anyone who wants to help will hopefully be able to I have dynamic IP cable connection , router is a SME (modified version of RedHat Enterprise) Server. Currently it is my domain controller. I have been able to join Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000 all to the network domain. However when I attempt to connect to my domain on my laptop (Windows XP) I get the following error. "The following error occured attemped to join the domain "condo.local" Multiple connections to a server or shared resources by same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resources and try again" This error comes up after I enter the username/PW to join domain. The username I'm logged into is unique. The username I use to join domain is root of network, but I've used that and other usernames, all give same error. This laptop connects to network via a wireless router that is configured to be strickly an access point. Then the wifi router goes into the main switch of the network. Any ideas as to why I would get this error and what it would take to fix it? No other computers on network are attempting to be domain controller, or anything such as that. A temporary solution so I can share files from laptop is to join the workgroup using same name as domain but I'd like to get it on domain as well. Any help greatly appreciated Trey.
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