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  1. Hi all. I've been using WMP11 Beta on my PC for a while, but I see M$ has brought out the Final Product of WMP11 now, and wondered if anyone has anything on intergration or installing this yet?
  2. Hi all, As part of my unattend project, I aim to prevent Malware etc from getting onto the PC as I'm sure everyone else in the world wants to do. I have used the Software Restriction Policy previously for blocking applications from running, but wondered if anyone knows of any sites which list known spyware/malware application and process names and even possibly the hash information for the files that the programs use. Doing this would mean that I can prevent the nasties running in the first place let alone even infecting things and causing problems. Any help would be well accepted.
  3. Managed to get this working after trying 2 of the methods for intergrating Windows Installer 3.1 V2 and Windows Update V6 files. First attempt failed, but second worked completely and Defender installs ok. Case closed!
  4. I have downloaded the added the Windows Update V6 CAB as provided by Brosy on this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndows+Update+v6. Windows Defender still fails to install, and also Windows Update still bugs me about installing components for it to work correctly. Anyone have any suggestions for me? PS: Have renamed thread as appears to be a Windows Update Problem how as opposed to Windows Defender.
  5. I'm not too sure about the video, but I like the idea of sound only. You could have some cheesy lift music playing while XP installs. I think a standard XP CD should have the death-march playing to point out your installing a standard build of XP.
  6. I voted User, although I have full administrative rights on the PC, but I leave the Administrator account in it's default state totally untouched. It's never personally happened to me, but that way if ever my profile gets ruined or somehow over-run with malware etc I can remove the account and the profile and start-a-fresh. I set other family member's PC's with them as PU's and I use the Administrator account for looking after the background stuff. I know having 2 Administrator's is supposedly not great for security purposes, but gives me the leverage to remove my profile in the event of something going tits up.
  7. WGA is installed. I used the RyanVM WGA Addon Pack to intergrate it. I discovered the problem to be because the latest version of Windows Update wasn't installed. I installed V6 (Microsoft Update) and it allowed me to install it, so I am currently testing out the method of intergratation for the DataStore.edb and MUWEB.DLL as mentioned in a thread previously by BoardBabe. Hope it works.
  8. I have re-downloaded Windows Defender from Microsoft and have repatched the MSI after doing the Administrative installation to a folder on my HDD. After getting the Winfows Updates component missing error again in the log file, I went to Windows Update, and when I opened it for the first time I got the following as shown below. I decided being only a VM test box to install the update and then retry the Windows Defender installation, and guess what? It worked, straight away. Could someone please let me know what Windows Update is installing at this point and where I can get it from as it doesn't shown up any KB numbers during that phase of Windows Update.
  9. Hi all, I have a copy of BartPE at home and I find it very useful for system recovery purposes, but I have looked at some links on Google and looked at the WinPE FAQ on this site and the question I have is.... What is the main purpose of WinPE? Like I say. I used it a few times for system recovery situations, but besides that I can't really find the purpose of it? Also, what the differences between versions...For example, what is the difference between the BartPE and the official Microsoft WinPE release? I can't understand either, why Microsoft keeps PE such a guarded secret? I know it has some features which allow you to access parts of the system you wouldn't normally be albe to do so, by bypassing ACL's but is there something about PE I'm missing?
  10. If I were to extract that RAR into my I386 folder, would that remove the need for the floppy disk and pressing F6 to install the 3rd party drivers?
  11. Windows Defender Thread Relating to this thread, I have edited my Windows Defender package so it does not include the WGA information and should install ok. However, now I get an error message which tells me a Windows Update Update is missing. I have looked at the Defender homepage and the only requirement in Windows Installer 3.1 which is intergrated into my CD, but I have installed it manually to confirm, and the application still gives this error.
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