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  1. i recently installed windows from a Servicepack2 slipstreamed cd,which i made with nlite..from my sp1 cd... now i installed wga along with all other updates.... a blue star like pops-up with a message that reads "your windows version is not upto date,click here to get the latest servicepack" but i already have sp2 integrated. what is the problem..
  2. i used nlite to create a bootable xp cd with just sp2 integrated...(no component removal or tweks).. it is fine if i install xp by booting from it...but if i try to start the installation from within windows it gives the following error: 1st dialogue box:: error reading from netmap.inf....setup cannot continue. 2nd dialogue box:: the option to upgrade is not available... then a dialogue box appears with only a option for new installation..no upgrade option... Any ideas,suggestions,solutions???? THANK U...
  3. hi friends,,, can i make a windows xp bootable cd from only the i386 folder... i came across this software called nlite B) and it gave me renewed hope that i could have a bootable xp disk... my problem is that i have a compaq pc that came without a xp install disk instead they provided a I386 folder that contain the install files... now i either use the recovery option provided by compaq or i use win98 boot disk to boot and run the winnt.exe form dos to start my windows installation...which is a very long process ...i want to have a normal win xp install disk .....is it possible to make it...with nlite.. note: i dont have a win xp disk only I386 folder where my install files r located.. it is win xp home sp1 oem any suggestion...

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