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  1. hI I need a CD to reinstall win2000 profesional. How can I optain a copy because I have a valid key, not one but two key,s but no CD any more, who is willing to help my to get a new CD for reinstalling win2000 profesional workstation Kind Regards John Nivard
  2. The CD is not working, I need a copy of the CD to create the backup of the CD. If sombody can help my please give my a message John Nivard
  3. I have a old labtop running win2000 profesional and a have the keys but the CD is damaged. But where can I obtain a copy of a win2000 profesional workstation CD Kind Regards for help
  4. Yes the volum button on the labtop was of Thanks
  5. I reinstaled win98se on a toshiba satellite and instaled the sound drivers from toshiba but the onboard speakers are not working. The mic is working ok but no sound. The volume is on no mute. I reinstaled the device driver for the speaker but it is not helping. The speakers are ok because it was working before the new installation Who know the so;;ution Kind regards John Nivard
  6. jnivard


    I have a old labtop running win98SE and a have the keys. But where can I obtain a copy of the win98SE CD. It seems inposible to get a new copy of the CD. Who can help J Nivard

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