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  1. Good Morning, Having an issue. We have windows 7 enterprise and have the .wim on our flash drives. We had two MAK keys. One was more limited then the other and we ran out of licenses on it. We changed the key to the new one with much more free licenses and recreated the wim on the flash drives. When installing from the server the new key works fine and registers. When we install it from the flash drive it shows the correct key but will not register. We get error 0xc004c020. If we enter the key manually it registers just fine. Any Ideas?
  2. We have windows 7 Enterprise and the images are working great, but the only problem we are having is that upon first boot the computer boots into the Administrator account (non domain btw.) When we log out and the log in screen shows Administrator and two other accounts. If we restart the computer it usually logs into the administrator account automatically. If we are lucky enough to get the computer to restart to the Log on screen then the computer will remain in that state and restarting the computer will allow us to pick from the log in accounts Any ideas?
  3. We are a school system, but are not on a domain. The student computers are all individual computers. I would like to find a way to have it so that students are unable to install programs via CD, Download, or Flash Drive, etc. Can anyone recommend a way to do this? I thought that Steady State would allow me to do this but I did not see a way. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Trying to remove the Internet Options Tab in Internet explorer 8. Having no such luck with it. I don't know if this has anything to do with it. Under GPEDIT.msc > User Config > Admin Temp > Windows Components, I do not have any folder for internet explorer. Anyone have any ideas? Thx
  5. Vista Home Premium. Did Windows Update and it's been a few days but it still says "Checking for available updates. I cannot uninstall anything else. Anyway to make this stop?
  6. Hi all. Nice forums here. I read through some unattended installs but not sure if thats where I fall into. I have a corp./volume license of Office 2003. We have to put them onto 100's of newer computers individually. Is there a way to just have the License number entered when I put the CD in and hit install? Or something like that? Just takes so darn long to enter that code in for each machine. Any help would be great.
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