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  1. Save one language neutral update (KB893803 - Windows Installer 3.1), all the updates are in the original language (Brazilian Portuguese). I'm keeping all languages It might be a INTL.inf problem, but how does it change and what causes it to change?
  2. I tried keeping MUI in the CD and that didn't work either
  3. I'm making my own nLitened Windows and I keep having the following problem: programs like Windows Live Messenger don't display characters properly. I attached a picture to demonstrate: (it should display "Daniel" but in cyrillic characters) I have tried keeping all the languages and keyboards but it's not making a difference, so I figure it's probably some other component that I removed. I have tried leaving in the Input Method Editor (IME) and that didn't work either. I'm attaching my Last Session.ini so you guys can take a look. Thanks LAST_SESSION.INI
  4. Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition requires the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

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